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Saltuary Natural Health Clinic

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Our Naturopath treats your entire being. Combining traditional knowledge with the latest scientific knowledge, we aim to bring your body back to balance & achieve your health goals naturally

Naturopathy at Saltuary

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At Saltuary, we believe in the healing power of nature to improve an individuals health and wellbeing.

Our skilled practitioners include a Naturopath, an Acupuncturist and Massage Therapists. We like to work as a team on your health, so when you see anyone one of us - you don't just get the experience of 1 therapist - you get a team working behind the scenes for you.

What Techniques Do We Use?

Our Naturopath uses a variety of complimentary techniques to help treat your ailments, with the most popular including:

  • Herbal medicine
  • Nutrition + nutritional supplements
  • Medical herbalism
  • Detoxification Programs
  • Fat Loss Programs
  • Treating Digestive Troubles
  • Stress
  • Energy / Fatigue
  • Flower essences, and using
  • Lifestyle changes

To find out more about the techniques we use or discover what to expect during a treatment, just click here. You can also click here to view our latest Price List here.

What Screening Tests Are Available?

During a typical consultation, your Naturopath will perform a range of in-house screening tests, in order to provide you with additional information about the state of your internal health. These tests provide a baseline for which your treatment, and all further screening tests can be measured against. These allow us to monitor your progress and to see what improvements are occurring at a cellular level, allowing us to better tailor your treatments.

The screening tests that we provide include:

  • Live Blood Screening
  • Cellular Health Assessment
  • Urinary Indicans Test
  • Urinary pH Test
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Zinc Taste Test

Click here to find out more about the testing services we provide.

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