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Myofascial Release Therapy - Deep Tissue Massage - Reiki - Remedial Massage. Sam provides a range of professional treatments that will help treat a range of aches & pains

Sam McCarthy - Myofascial Release Therapy

Servicing area

Woollahra, Bondi Junction, Sydney

Focus areas

Habits Relaxation Circulation Headaches Endometriosis Sprains

Muscle Manipulation Techniques Used

Myofascial Release is a specialized form of soft tissue treatment that aims to adjust postural tension patterns, neuro-muscular patterns, and joint fixations by stretching and 'releasing' the fascial structures of the body. Some people think of it as 'massage' without oil, however this is incorrect as the latest research shows its effectiveness is by stimulating the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). It is a very gentle and relaxing technique in most cases.

Soft tissue manipulation (massage) involves gentle, sometimes firm, hands-on massage type techniques aimed at releasing tension and adhesions in tense or shortened muscles. Your practitioner specialises in soft tissue techniques and will often use these along with others to treat your condition.

Joint manipulation involves a very small movement applied to a joint with minimum force and maximum accuracy. This often produces a "click". This technique aims to decrease pain and improve the quality of movement of stiff and painful joints.

Muscle contraction and stretching involves gentle muscle contractions and practitioner-applied stretches to help improve mobility and muscle control, induce muscle relaxation and decrease pain.

Joint mobilisation and articulation involves rhythmically moving a body region to improve blood flow, nerve supply and movement, and decrease pain.

Simple Contact is a technique developed by Barrett Dorko, an American physiotherapist with a strong interest and knowledge in nerve pain and neurology. The technique has the practitioner encouraging the body to return to a position of ease, in the process easing restrictions on the nervous system thereby reducing swelling and increasing flexibility and self modulation. In 2006 I published an article, with 2 colleagues, on the use of this technique in the treatment and resolution of cervico-brachialga.

Neuralmobilization is a treatment approach that has emerged over the last decade that aims to increase the mobility and function of neural structures. Restriction in mobility has been shown to be both causative and accessory to most neuro-muscular pain. It has shown to be successful for chronic and acute conditions.

Osteopathy Clinics

To make an appointment, please call one of the numbers below. Sam treats at the following clinics:

Level 1, 44 Miller St, North Sydney 2060
Phone: 02 9922 1399, Fax: 02 99296455

Wed: 7.40am - 6.20pm,
Fri: 7.40am - 4pm.


Better Health
40 Grosvenor St, Woollahra, 2025
Phone: 02 9389 3689

Mon: 1pm - 6.20pm
Tues: 7.20am 6.20pm
Thurs: 7.20am - 6.20pm

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give Sam a call!

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