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Sam McCarthy - Osteopath

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Sam provides a range of professional Osteopathy Treatments, to people of all ages. Available in shop 4, 20 Spring street, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022.

Dr Sam McCarthy - Osteopathy

Servicing area

Woollahra, Bondi Junction, Sydney

Focus areas

Habits Relaxation Circulation Headaches Endometriosis Sprains


Osteopathy aims to improve body homeostasis.

Osteopathy works by correcting problems within the neuromuscular and skeletal systems. It aims to improve the efficacy and functioning of the body systems. This helps to unlock the body's self-healing mechanisms, helping your body to function normally again while reducing the chance of problems occurring in the future.

Why Try Osteopathy?

Osteopaths can diagnose, treat and prevent many conditions.

Osteopathy is a safe, gentle and effective approach using hands-on specific techniques to diagnose and treat a wide range of health problems. It aims to relieve pain, discomfort and immobility.

Its emphasis is on the interrelationship of the body's structure - such as muscles, bones, joints, nerves etc - and its function - such as breathing, circulation, digestion, metabolism etc. It is widely used throughout the world and recognized as one of the most highly effective complementary therapies with a vast and expanding base of scientifically validated research.

Conditions That Can Be Treated

Osteopaths commonly treat:

  • Back & neck pain
  • Disc & joint injuries
  • Nerve problems
  • Headaches & migraine
  • Muscle strain & spasm
  • Postural & ergonomic issues
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Tendonitis & bursitis
  • Exercise & sports injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders, lock jaw, jaw pain
  • Pre- and post-natal pain issues


Benefits of Osteopathy

Osteopathy can help effectively manage symptoms from:

  • Arthritis
  • Respiratory conditions such as asthma, sinusitis, breathing disorders
  • Gynecological problems such as period pain, endometriosis
  • Digestive complaints like irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, reflux, and constipation.
  • Organic conditions such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and glandular fever.

Osteopathy is also suitable for babies, children and the elderly, and is an ideal treatment for back pain during and after pregnancy.

Additional Osteopathy Treatments

Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle hands on therapy that aims to BALANCE FLUID AND MEMBRANES IN THE BODY. It is used either as a stand alone therapy or combined with manipulation. It can be used both for diagnosis of myofascial and osseous strain patterns, and for their treatment. It is both a very effective and safe treatment especially for the elderly and the young. It is thought to work via the nerve receptors of the body altering membrane and fluid hemo-dynamics.

Functional Technique is an Osteopathic technique that works via the ANS. It is used to calm over stimulated joint receptors, which is the primary cause of most intrinsic muscles dysfunction around spinal and peripheral joints. It is also a very gentle technique that allows the myofascial structure to regain a comfortable tonus and length


Osteopathy Clinic

To make an appointment, please call:

The Better Health Clinic
Shop 4, 20 Spring St, Bondi Junction, 2022

Phone: 02 9389 3689



Monday:        7:20am - 6:20pm

Tuesday:        7:20am - 6:20pm

Wednesday:  7:20am - 1pm

Thursday:      7:20am - 6:20pm 

Friday:           7:20am - 12:30pm



For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give Sam a call!


Business Hours

We're open 5 days.


7:20 am To 6:30 pm


7:20 am To 6:30 pm


7:20 am To 1:00 pm


7:20 am To 6:30 pm


7:20 am To 12:30 pm


  • Masters In Osteopathy
  • Bachelor of Clinical Science Osteopathy

Professional Membership

  • Australian Psychological Society

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