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Naturopathy or the healing power of nature underpins nearly all the therapeutic techniques in alternative medicine.

Sandra Dillon N.D. - Naturopathy

Acupuncture, homoeopathy, herbal medicine, manipulation, and nutrition all depend on the body’s ability to heal itself if pushed, needled or coaxed in the right direction. Although naturopathy is a relatively recent word, its therapeutic approach and principles represent the essence of a broad holistic attitude to health and disease.

Sandra practices the following modalities as a Naturopath

Nutrition is one of the main modalities practiced by Naturopaths and alone can significantly improve many health conditions.

Vitamin & Mineral Therapy is essential to the development and survival of our bodies. They are involved in a multitude of biochemical reactions in the body as well as maintaining structural integrity, acid/alkali balance, fluid balance and muscle contraction.

Remedial Therapies covers many types of hands on body work. I have chosen to specialise in one of these called the Bowen Technique. This is a soft tissue technique to adjust the skeletal and soft tissues of the body.

Bach Flowers is a remarkable system developed by Dr Edward Bach, who in his search for a safe and effective treatment discovered 38 flowering plants and trees picked at the time in their blooming that, will give them the greatest healing power. These flowers act as a catalyst to positive inner transformation.

Herbal Medicine is perhaps the most ancient form of Medicine and possibly the most universal. Traditionally Herbs are capable of restoring organ function and well-being.

Iris Diagnosis or Iridology is a diagnostic tool, where the iris of the eye is studied for information relating to the health and well-being of the person.

What happens in a consultation

The first consultation takes approximately one hour and following consultations half hour. During this first consultation I ask many questions, read the Iris and take a small piece of hair to use to test on a Vega Machine. This test allows me to check for any imbalances in the body that I may not have been able to pick up from the interview and iris diagnosis or otherwise confirm the information from the interview and iris diagnosis is correct. I have the results from this test a few days later.


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Homeopahty is a way of healing that is based on activating the human body’s own curative powers using medicaments extracted from the animal, mineral and herbal kingdoms.

Sandra Dillon N.D.

For over 30 years Sandra has provided health care for her clients in private practice as a Naturopath-Homeopath in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and now back in Melbourne.Website:

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