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Sandra Mulligan

Post Gratitude Doula support ...
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Doula support service and all things pregnancy, ante natal and post partum, labour, education, assistance. Signature Cell Healing to transform fear.

Sandra Mulligan


I have always worked with people. My birth number is 7 which is about transition. How apt I have come to the role of Doula which is about the transition of the individual to a family unit.

I hold the intention to support parents through this Sacred Rite of Passage as they plan for and experience the arrival of their new child and move into the flow of growing a HUman being with all its joys and challenges.

Building a community around the birthing parents is so important and intrinsic to their unfolding strongly and with love. The village is key to changing the nature of stress and feeling of isolation so many parents experience in the first year after birth.

When you go to visit a family who have recently given birth, or to see the new baby as the months unfold remember to nurture the PARENTS. It is in nurturing the parents that children are nurtured. And visit only a short while and spend some time doing little things. Giving Dad a back rub or head massage. Giving Mum a foot bath filled with essences and flowers or massage her head and back. Make her a cup of tea and take some NOURISHING snacks or a meal for the family. Really focus on the health and well being of the family unit. For in nurturing this family unit the children will flourish as will the parents.

In love and gratitude for this journey which always unfolds so poignantly.

With deep appreciation for my now 24 year old son who taught me so much and now is part of my village as I am of his. I love you Tom ♥


  • All things birth related

  • Doula support

  • Planning your birth experience

  • Resources to make informed decisions on the birth you desire

  • Rite of Passage ceremonies

  • Parents support circles

  • Post partum support

  • Wholistic support integrating the changes to your family structure

  • Village support for parents

  • Child Care services

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Sandra Mulligan