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Servicing area: Australia, International ZOOM. Office on Gold Coast. Qld.

Using a brilliantly effective and safe combination of RTT and NLP I look forward to helping you eliminate problem issues.

Sandra Stone Therapies CHT C.HYP'RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy

I am an advanced RTT Therapist skilled in a variety of methods that allow you to discover and uncover the underlying causes of harmful issues. Together in a relaxing and safe way we can understand the link between past events and beliefs that have caused unwanted thoughts and feelings and  through a series of wonderfully healing methods of upgrades we  make powerful significant changes in reactions and feelings to old events. RTT identifies and removes any “unfinished business” which helps you to move on to the next positive stage of your life.

During a 2 hour session of  hypnosis and NLP I will facilitate a breakthrough that would not be possible if you were simply trying to reach your subconscious mind via altered language or self-talk. RTT is a deeply caring, gentle, and compassionate therapy which will help you to achieve amazing results.

The process entails many aspects, after you fill in a questionnaire we book a 15 minute Clarity Phone Call so that we can get to know each other better. I send you a relaxation recording to allow you to become familiar with my voice and the process.

We then book your 2 hour RTT session which can be either in person or online, during the session I also make a personalised 15 minute recording for you to listen to for 30 days to rewire your new beliefs and let go of old damaging behaviours and thoughts.

You then have the opportunity to do some Conscious Coaching which happens during the 30 days of listening to your recording. This combines the sub conscious work with conscious makes sense and is a winning combination, just look at my testimonials on to see how much my clients LOVE this method. Please contact me if you have any queries, I'm always happy to explain how it all works,

Warm Regards



On line treatments are fabulous! On line RTT is highly effective and I find because the client is in their own environment its easy for them to feel relaxed and comfortable.

The session is exactly the same process as an “in person” session, it’s a 2 hour process that’s easy and safe, the only difference is your in the comfort of your own environment.

As long as you have privacy and won’t be disturbed for 2 hours this is a great way to work together.

An RTT session consists of you filling in a questionnaire, we then schedule a 15 minute Clarity Call after you have returned the questionnaire so that together we can gather more information about what your wanting treating for and I can answer any questions you may have.

I send you a relaxation recording to allow you to get used to my voice.

We schedule your RTT date which is 2 hours of hypnotherapy, discovering hidden beliefs, upgrading you to new beliefs and a new recording to rewire new beliefs and behaviours.

After your RTT you have the option of Conscious Coaching which assists you through the 30 days of recording whilst your new habits are becoming part of who you are.
I like to work on Zoom (similar to Skype) as I find it user friendly and a stable platform to work with.

You simply download the Zoom app, I email you an invitation and when the time arrives you click on the link and we “see” each other.

As long as your internet connection is good then were fine to have an on-line session!

There are absolutely no disadvantages to on line sessions, it cuts out the travel time, parking and you can do it in your pyjama’s if you wish too!

I hope this explanation helps, if you have more questions please call me 0418 458287 and we can chat.

Kind Regards





From my first phone conversation with Sandy I felt instantly comfortable and at ease.

Working with Sandy was like working with an old friend who genuinely cares and supports without anyv judgement, however she is also extremely professional.

Sandy invests her whole self into supporting and nurturing her clients needs, the follow up support is extremely helpful in continuing to see change following on from the session.

Sandy is committed and dedicated, always calling in when scheduled and prioritising her clients. 

I am truly grateful to have worked with Sandy.

Kerry, South East Queensland


Sandra is an educated and experienced therapist who has a talent for interpreting peoples needs. Sandra provides solutions that are real and extremely effective for many different and varied situations in a caring and nurturing way. She may be able to address concerns in just one session but whatever the case requires, her techniques are so helpful.

She is an amazing professional.

Glennlyn Robertson

Mermaid Waters


I am 29 years young, I have had two overdue RTT sessions with Sandra.

I was physically, emotionally and sexually abused as a young person. Since the age of 7 I have had suicidal thoughts, I had an eating disorder since the age of 10, sometimes breakfast would be a straight bottle of vodka through a straw.

As an adult private therapist struggled to make a positive impact on my life, one even felt I needed to be turned away.

After my two sessions with Sandra for the first time I now have the ability to have a fulfilling life,which before was just an impossible dream.

From now on I will witness what justice looks like...guilt free :-)

Broken Chain


Sandra is one of the kindest gentle souls I have met.....even just casually chatting with her has a really calming effect on your inner self.

Diana Townsend

Central Coast, NSW.


After smoking a packet a day of cigarettes for 28 years I've finally given up thanks to you Sandra. One easy consultation with you and I'm now a non smoker forever. You have given me the freedom from smoking that I couldn't do by myself. Thankyou.

Catherine Collins

Miami, Queensland


I am grateful for the time and seemingly intuitive session that I had with Sandie.

Sandie guided me to a place where I was able to look at, and for the first time understand many of the experiences that have shaped me as an adult and directed my life.

In the weeks following my session with Sandie, using the recording she provided, I have been empowered to look at my life with greater perspective and clarity, understand and accept what has gone before and move forward with a new perspective that is impacting in the most positive way on my relationships and my enjoyment of life.

I originally asked Sandie to work with me on some healthy eating goals, what she uncovered was a much deeper issue and now with Sandie's help I have been able to understand and move forward and away from what was keeping me trapped emotionally, and the rest of my goals are now proving easy to achieve.

I would recommend RTT and especially Sandra Stone Therapies to anyone wanting to improve their emotional understanding, relationships and quality of life.

Sandie's understanding and calm caring approach created an atmosphere which allows one to feel safe and relaxed, my whole experience was inspiring and really moved my life forward in the most positive way.

Anita Woolrych, June 2018


Thank you Sandra, I was recommended to see you after talking to my massage therapist regarding my love life.

I had very little trust in my partner of 5 years. He is so loving and expresses how much he loves me everyday, but I didnt believe him.

My first session with you was talking about my childhood and finding out why I didnt trust. My parents had always told me, "dont trust anyone". That was my first trigger. I listened to the recording you gave me, but still I didnt feel change. What I did realise was that I wanted this man in my life and the feeling was very strong for the first time in 5 years.

We had another session together where we talked about things that happened from the age of 23 to 25 approx. and I remembered a time when my partner and I had a fight and he said to me "no one else will ever love you" (as I threatened to leave). It was so clear as if he was in the same room as me. BINGO! This was another trigger.

So Sandra you did another recording for me, and YES, this was it, this was the thing that had stopped me from believing my current partner. My homework from you was to score 0-10 on certain questions. Well, I was scoring 10/10 for almost everything I was so so happy and feeling so free and loved and accepting all the love my partner was giving me. ( I later found out that only a monk would score 10/10!), but that is the way I feel. I suppose that after all the suffering and lack of self love, to me everything felt like a 10/10, because now I feel calm, relaxed and so in love with my beautiful man that I nearly lost because I didn't believe that anyone could love me. It is so amazing that something so simple said out of anger, can sit in someone's sub conscious mind for years, and affect one so much.

I love my current man so much now and I am so happy and trusting. My life is fabulous. Thank you Sandra, with all my heart and my partner also thanks you, for helping me to find the reason why I struggled so much in my relationship.

I would certainly recommend you to anyone who has a problem and wants to find out why.

You are so friendly and so caring in your approach, you made me feel so comfortable, it is such a pleasure to know you, what a beautiful person you are.

Lots of love

Christine H May 2018


Thank you so much for the session Sandy, you helped me to understand why I kept self-sabotaging what I was attempting to accomplish in my life. To be able to finally let those limiting beliefs go was so empowering. I now have a much stronger belief in myself, I'm feeling my confidence growing and I'm now taking action. Thankyou again.

Jean M. Brisbane. March 2018


I highly recommend Sandra! I contacted her because I couldn't lose weight. I would start eating and exercising well for a week and then I'll sabotage myself again.

I met her at a business retreat as she was one of the guest speakers there and everything she said made sense so I booked an appointment with her via Zoom.

Some pretty serious stuff from my past came up and it took me a couple of weeks to process, but then a few weeks in I started exercising and for once I stuck to it and the weight is coming off nicely! Thanks Sandra.

Sharon Hunter, Queensland, July 2018


For many years prior to meeting Sandra I was on a constant roller coaster ride of emotions.

For weeks I would feel on top of the world and then all of a sudden I would start to feel down in the dumps. My last experience was bought on by a lot of stress in all aspects of my life which resulted in me having a panic attack and collapsing.

I knew when this happened that I I could not continue to live like this anymore as it took a lot out of me both physically and emotionally.

I finally worked up the courage to go and see my local GP to explain the possible mental issues I was and had been experiencing for many years and it was concluded that I was suffering from anxiety.

My GP gave me a list of psychologists to visit to help give me the tools to cope with the anxiety.

As I was still trying to come to terms with it all, I wasn't able to work up the courage to go to the next step to make an appointment with the psychologist but by chance my wife had met Sandra at a work retreat. That week I was feeling a mixed bag of emotions of feeling very cloudy and confused in the head so my wife contacted Sandra on my behalf to seek help.

Although I was a little sceptical about hypnotherapy, the moment I laid down and listened to Sandra's first recording I immediately got up and felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Just by listening to her recordings it put my head (and body) in such a deep state of relaxation that I knew right away that I wanted to give this a go and so organised my first session with Sandra.

Sandra is a godsend, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone out there in a similar situation to me. She is a kind and caring person of whom you can put your full trust into.

Thank you soo much Sandra for changing my life around!

Domenic, Sydney. May 2018


I used Sandra's services at a time in my life when i needed some clarity on why I continued to make poor lifestyle choices. I needed to reset my way of thinking around alcohol, motivation, money and commitment, Sandra helped me achieve this by opening up my sub conscious mind, I got answers almost immediately and began my journey to change, it was so easy I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, my feelings of guilt and despair turned into energy and motivation, I can't explain or understand really what clicked but after one session I felt relief.

I would recommend Sandra to anyone that just feels a bit stuck with any aspect of their life, to get some clarity and vision.

Sandra's calm and soothing nature made me feel super comfortable with a non judgemental atmosphere, her attention to detail and time she gives you is outstanding, a true professional in this field. I've let go of my concerns and I'm now living an extremely abundant and happy healthy life.

Geraldine, Gold Coast.

June 2018



I can't thankyou enough for our session last week. I am feeling incredible.

I haven't felt this positive about myself for ages. You did a great job easing my nerves and guiding me easily through the process. The insights I received in my session with you have continued to unfold and I'm amazed at the connections you helped me make. I have so much hope for the future and owe all that to you. Thankyou for everything you are a true gem.

Christy, California, Dec 2017.


Sandra is a wonderful and caring therapist.

I came to her because I was overwhelmed with managing life and keeping up with the basics like house keeping. She skilfully helped me see the root cause of my issue and my guilt about being better off than the rest of my family, She helped me release this guilt and now I look forward to keeping my home beautiful and tidy and having lots of fun parties! Thankyou Sandra!

Hilary, Sydney. Jan 2018.


Hi Sandra, its Jen. Guess what, I havent had a cigarette since I had my session with you 3 weeks ago! Its mostly been really easy, and the time when I was tempted i just said "thats not me, I'm no longer a smoker" and I didnt have one! I'm really happy with all the money I'm saving, its going towards a cruise at the end of the year. Thankyou again for making me relax and feel like I am worth looking after.

Jen. Broadbeach, Dec 2017.


Hi Sandra, thankyou again for helping me with my relationship with money. I had NO idea that my money habits stemmed from my childhood, but after the session I had with you it was clear why I thought I wasn't entitle to earn more money.

I asked for and got the payrise!!!!

I'm feeling really happy and confident, I'm still listening to my recording and I'm getting up earlier just like we talked about. I'm even thinking about starting up my own business, I'll keep you in the loop on that one. Thanks again,

Roberta. Sunshine Coast. Jan 2018.


Hi Sandra


I immediately felt comfortable with you, thankyou for putting me at ease.

You helped me to understand and change some old mind games that I didnt even realise I was playing, Due to your clever way of sifting through "my stuff" I now feel I have all the answers I needed to get to where I want to go, all in one session! Amazing.I feel very fortunate and blessed to have been recommended to you and I look forward to my transformed future, no wonder they call it Rapid Transformational Therapy, it reaaly is,

all the Best,

Carly, March 2018


Thank you so much. I had bad neck pain - where I had to hold my head to roll over in my sleep. Sandra did a RTT session on this pain. The pain left during the session and a week later is still gone. Fabulous work.

A quick update, 11 weeks later and the pain is still gone.

Biana, Brisbane May 2018


Hi Sandra,

Meeting Sandra for the first time was not a coincidence, it was the Universe lining things up. We met at a business retreat that I attended interstate. I was away from my family and Sandra was a guest speaker at the event. During Sandra's talk I was trying hard to fight back the tears as I thought of my husband at home who had just had a panic attack and collapsed from anxiety. 
I was almost not going to attend the retreat but I am so glad I did. Not only did she help him but she was able to help me with my own sessions dealing with anxiety, depression and grief. I feel like my life has been turned around and I am feeling more like myself now than I have in many years. I was so ready and open to make my life different, it was my time. Sandra made me feel comfortable and I immediately put my trust in her and the outcome was phenominal. I had been dealing with anxiety, depression and grief for about 5 yrs and I had seen countless traditional therapists in that time. Nothing seemed to work. After my first session with Sandra I knew something was different and then as the weeks went by and listening to her recordings. It was easy to do before bed and mine didnt go for too long. I have recommended Sandra to a few of my family and friends so far and they have also seen great results. Thankyou so much Sandra. you have changed my life for the better and I am eternally grateful.

Teresa, Sydney, July 2018 


I cannot recommend Sandra Stone highly enough, her professionalism and warm persona drew me into a trusting place enabling me to go into my subconscious without it being a distressing situation. As an adult I have actively worked on my demons and being the best version of myself. My childhood is not a place I like to relive, I do not recall alot from this period of my life so when I decided to see Sandra I was not sure how it would develop.

During my session I was a little teary as I acknowledged four scenes from my younger years.

After my session I had an afternoon and evening to myself, I thoroughly recommend this as it can be quite emotional but also felt like a weight had been lifted. Sandra's attention to detail when I listened to my recording was amazing. You cannot put a price on your health, we all pay out $$$ on material possesions but hesitate on investing in personal areas. Do yourself a favour and make the appointment, you won't be dissapointed.

Thankyou Sandra you are absolutely in the right vocation. I wish you every success.

Warm Regards

Mandy, Gold Coast. Dec 2017.


Dear Sandra, I wanted to share my success with you after our session. Its now been 3 weeks since I saw you for my anxiety. As you remember I couldn't even leave the house.

I am now able to drive myself to the supermarket, do the shopping and enjoy a coffee at my local coffee shop without having to leave in a panic!!

I'm getting better everyday and have even applied for a job! I'll let you know how that goes.

But mostly I just wanted to say thankyou for being so kind and helpful with getting my life back on track.

Maryanne, Jannali. Jan 2018.

Dear Sandra

Having an RTT session with you has been a stepping stone in my life and I want to thank you for this.

The clarity I have gained from our time together exceeds anything I have seen/heard before from other mentors and therapists altogether (and I have seen a few!) To free my myself from past experiences that weighed on me gave me freedom of mind and I am already starting to see improvements in fields of my life which I had almost gave up any hope of changes.

Moreover, the very brief amount of time needed to achieve this is also phenoenal.

Thankyou forthis amazing transformation, I'm so happy!

Annie, Zoom, March 2018


My RTT appointment with you was wonderful, transforming as you would say!

I have to admit I was nervous when I arrived,( hadnt seen anyone about my fear before) but now my confidence in public speaking is through the roof, I actually enjoy it!

I am meeting more people which has helped my self esteem and you showed me that I am enough just as I am.

Feeling nervous while giving a presentation is a thing of the past.

I'm so glad I found you and I look forward to seeing you at my new book signing.

Thankyou again, you were amazing and I'm telling everyone about you,

Claudia Beja,

Gold Coast Feb 2018


Sandie was a guest speaker at my Business Women's Retreat.

She is an outstanding and captivating public speaker and her ability to connect with the attendee's through her keynote message was really impressive.

She created such an impact that many of them have chosen to work with her privately and spoken very highly of their transformation using her RTT method.

I would highly recommend Sandie as your next guest speaker _ she is authentic and uplifting!

Sarah J Cross

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Kylie after her RTT sessions with Sandra Stone Therapies.

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