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Sara Di Genova Art Therapist

Sara Di Genova

Ormond VIC 3204

Sara Di Genova Art Therapist

Sara Di Genova Arts Therapist

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy utilizes multi modalities of artistic materials and expression to develop one’s own self awareness and therefore expansion of self knowledge. With gentle open guidance from the therapist the art piece created becomes the point of engagement between the individual and therapist and an access point into further depthing. Art therapy promotes general well being, creativeness, imagination and connection to self and life with the potential to heal and transform. As art therapy is largely non verbal, it allows one to deeply traverse the inner realm. By externalizing the inner dimension we are able to better make sense of it.

Art therapy can provide the means to identify feelings, thought processes and relational patterns that may be causing less than desired ways of being in the world. In the process of art making or artistic expression one is taken to a sensory and visceral knowing; belief systems that reside in the subconscious may be revealed to the inquirer and can be further explored through the arts modalities, thus offering varying perspectives, understandings or insights into perceptions held. This can lead the inquirer into new ways of being, creating and generating new path ways into preferred ways of being in the world.

Art therapy is essentially playful (as is known we all learn through play) . Art s potentially very nourishing for the soul. It allows the opportunity to quieten the mind; to enter a meditative state where other states of consciousness can be accessed, tapping us into our own innate wisdom.

Who benefits?

As art therapy essentially involves play and imagination children tend to benefit much from the art modalities as it is a comfortable medium for them. It allows children to act out and problem-solve difficult situations. Having said this it is my belief that humans are essentially all creative and through the expression of our individual creativeness we learn and grow. Hence art therapy is for anyone who is seeking self nourishment, personal growth and connection to self and life. It can be for anyone who may be moving through and processing difficult circumstances or life changes which has the potential to have far reaching benefits across many areas one's life.

About Me

Sara has qualifications in therapeutic arts practice, transpersonal art therapy and primary education. Sara has experience working with children of diverse cultural backgrounds and children with special needs, many who have been diagnosed within the autistic spectrum. Sara has a special affinity with children and has a knack for seeing beyond limiting labels, recognizing the gifts that go unseen. Sara has also worked with women in a refuge shelter who have experienced domestic violence, using arts modalities with the intention to empower women to live independently.

Sara also has a strong arts based practice of her own, being a painter and a singer/songwriter; who performs in a duo. This gives her the appreciation and understanding of the valuable therapeutic benefits of arts practice. These include increasing confidence, developing self awareness, emotional regulation, meditative contemplation and broadening one’s imagination and possibilities.

It is Sara’s understanding that all humans are creative creatures (indeed all of life is creative) and given the permission and acceptance to play and express ourselves creatively allows us to quicken the process of self realization and equips us with the ability to flow with the constant life changes and challenges that it brings, guiding us to new ways see the adventure that life can truly be.


Sara offers one on one art therapy sessions for children and adults alike at her home studio. She offers a safe space to explore a choice of materials and art modalities, such as clay, paint, charcoal, textiles etc. and music, movement, voice, musical instruments,, sand tray and play depending on the needs and wants of the individual. Her practice is based on a person centred approach to self actualization and self empowerment by providing environmental conditions that allow and encourage individual expression. Sara offers her gentle presence, acceptance and inquisitive nature to work alongside and collaborate with the individual.

On request Sara can do home visits if the individual so wishes.


0451 840 905

Qualification Details

Bachelor of Education (Primaty)
Advance Diploma Transpersonal art Therapy
Post Graduate DiplomaTherapeutic Arts Practice.

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