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Sarah-Jane Bryant Healing

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Quantum Life Coach + Intuitive Energy Healer

Sarah-Jane Bryant Healing

About Sarah-Jane Bryant

My awakening in 2012 was filled with many beautiful and heart breaking moments. My thirst for knowledge, truth & understanding heightened, and I found myself watching a documentary that showed a famous guru in India holding such a strong frequency of love that everyone in his presence was affected. From that moment on, that became my biggest life goal... 'to become so much love that everyone in my path is transformed by it.' I didn't realise what that meant for me at the time, that in order to achieve this goal I had to become a great healer of myself - a master shadow hunter. I had to delve into the depths of my subconscious and transform all of the limiting emotions, beliefs, stories and patterns that were masking the love that I am, and we all are, inside.

I started studying natural medicine a short time after and found myself constantly pulled towards energetic healing & anything of an emotional or mental nature. While staying with a medicine man in Thailand I overheard two ladies talking about reiki. I was captivated instantly and a week later I was travelling to an island on the opposite side of the country with a desire to learn more. My first attempt at performing this kind of energetic healing lasted 5 minutes. I was yet to experience reiki for myself so I had no idea that sessions were usually a lot longer. I woke the lady who said something along the lines of, 'That was very short, but you've fixed a problem I was having with my ear. I have been to doctors and the hospital about it, they can't work it out, but now it's gone!' I was so relieved to have helped her and the reiki master was so excited when I went to get feedback. The changes the clients experienced were quick and significant. Both clients I treated that day returned the next day asking for more. I witnessed clients have life changing epiphanies whilst tears streamed down their face, volatile emotions subside from their lives and all from just a simple joint intention to heal and 5 minutes of our time. It was a beautiful thing to watch but I still had so much of myself to uncover before I could properly embrace these gifts.

I continued to follow what excited me, studying many other energetic modalities and reading widely. I started to see anatomical visions one day when I was experiencing pain inside of my body. This lead me to Arizona to study medical intuition. This study, the experiences and inner child work I did there, really changed everything. When I returned home I started to be there for myself like never before and this allowed for the most immense grief to leave my body. It was a deep process that took 3 months of daily self-healing before it showed any signs of slowing. Most days during this period I created around 3 significant life-changing shifts for myself. Whilst painful, it was the most amazing time, to see how quickly life could be turned around. I found myself at a place where I was ready to share with the world what I had learnt, but I felt there must be a better, quicker, easier way to heal. Which is when I decided that I could heal myself instantly.

As soon as this decision was made my body realigned in a very physical way and I started doing just that. I started visualising my pain transforming into love. I saw instant shifts happening on the mental, emotional and physical planes. I was almost in disbelief so I started doing distant energetic healing on friends and had them tell me about the changes they experienced. This affirmed my beliefs and eventually the need to visualise became unnecessary and only a defined intention or focus were needed. This is now a fundamental part of who I am, part of my new normal, which is constantly evolving. I incorporate these skills into coaching sessions whenever I empathetically feel body sensations of a client, usually at a chakra level. I simply 'send love' to the client's corresponding chakra as soon as I feel triggered and feel a stream of energy leave my body. This alone is often enough to create beautiful shifts and changes.

Always on a path of growth, I quickly set my next goal, to add quantum hypnotherapy & life coaching to my bag of tricks. This lead me to Kansas where I was instantly energised by the gifted and gorgeous spiritual teacher and life coach Jessica Alstrom. She spoke of so many things I had come to know as truth in healing. I immediately knew I had to work with her and felt so blessed to join her TICA program, covering my goals of quantum hypnotherapy, life coaching and more than I could have imagined. Jessica remains the number one spiritual development teacher I have found and I'm so grateful for the guidance and mentoring she provides me that has allowed me to integrate my healing skills into what they are today.

Today, I use my intuitive healing skills to feel, understand and communicate lovingly with the body at a soul level. I have heightened clairsentience that allows me to feel a client's energetic blocks as if they were in my own body, making working with clients as easy as working on myself. I ask their body questions and my body registers with where the block is located, often it will be in several parts of the body. I hold focus, intention and

intuitive conversation, assisting the process of transformative healing. I often get messages via clairaudience, I hear what the client is having trouble with or what might benefit them. I love uncovering stuck beliefs and emotional patterns. Everything starts with energy, so there is nothing that is unreachable. Any issues, in any area of life, from relationships, money, time, health and freedom can all be discovered from within. They can be accessed from any point of awareness, from repetitive patterns, life stories, known blocks or wounds, thoughts, emotions and beliefs or even physical symptoms. The choices and routes to exploration are limitless and that's one of the reasons I find this work so interesting. Followed equally by the feeling of relief within the client (and myself as I sense it within myself), the conversation about what the client experienced during the healing and the way it impacts their life afterwards. Each healing is a different experience with different messages and levels of awareness that are perfect for the client at the time and I am so grateful to get to be a part of this process as clients become more of who they are.


Intuitive Energy Healing

Energy healing can produce profound healing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I lovingly communicate with your soul and body to move and release energy blocks to assist you in any aspect of your life including love, relationships, money, time, freedom & health. This can be approached from the level of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, wounds, patterns, stories or physical symptoms. I am often guided to remove blocks beyond our initial discussion and might also receive intuitive messages for you to help you progress on your healing journey.

​I also offer remote viewing house clearing to assist in keeping your home's vibration high. An initial 30 minute consultation is included where we can discuss any concerns you have with your home or specific goals you hope to achieve. The rest of the work is done offline.

1 x One Hour Intuitive Energy Healing Session - $150AUD
1 x Remote Viewing House Clearing - $400AUD

​To arrange a time for your intuitive energy healing session please contact me via the email or phone number at the bottom of this page. Thanks to Skype I am able to connect with clients all over the world. I look forward to connecting with you!

Quantum Life Coaching

I offer new clients a complimentary coaching session. This gives us both a chance to get to know each other and make sure working together is a good fit. Like most sessions, this usually lasts one hour and we can go as deep as you would like to go from the moment we start. So feel free to bring along any of the issues, challenges or goals you are currently working on, nothing is off limits. At the end of this first session, if you feel like we could create something life changing, you'll be given the option to book a coaching session or package with me. Packages, or regular sessions, are the best way to get the most out of coaching, however everyone has different needs, so single sessions are available too.

1 x Coaching Package (4 x One Hour Sessions) - $400AUD
1 x One Hour Session - $120AUD

To arrange a time for your complimentary session please contact me via the email or phone number below. Thanks to Skype I am able to connect with clients all over the world. I look forward to connecting with you!

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