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Reduce pain and tension - Naturally
 Remedial massage helps to reduce pain and tension

Sarah Najjar - Restore Naturally


Remedial Massage

Remedial massage improves muscle and joint pain which can develop while you are at home, work or exercising. During your treatment I work with your body rather than against it. Firm  massage pressure, stretching and release points are used to reduce your pain and tension. I treat you through your clothes or a towel.

By reducing pain your quality of life is enhanced.

We go through take home exercises together which empowers your health for the long term.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage involves long, broad, slow massage strokes and rocking.

This encourages your body to rest and restore.

Like remedial massage, it enhances your blood and lymph circulation, nourishes your body cells, relaxes your muscles and diminishes pain. Generally your entire body is treated although if you prefer, we can focus on specific areas such as your head, feet, hands, and shoulders.

I'm not currently practicing Relaxation massage. Please see Reiki or Shiatsu.

Pregnancy massage

Receiving treatments throughout your pregnancy has a range of benefits for you and your baby. Pregnancy massage decreases your muscle tension, increase your joint movement, induces relaxation and promote blood flow.

During your treatment emphasis is often placed on your lower back, hips, buttocks, shoulders and feet. Your treatment includes massage, gentle stretching and rocking.

Physical and mental tension is reduced enabling you to relax and move more freely.

You are fully supported throughout pregnancy massage with pillows and towels.

Depending on your needs a pregnancy treatment can be focused solely on massage or may include Shiatsu and Reiki.


Essential oils have great healing properties. When inhaled or placed on the skin they send messages to your brain creating mental, emotional and physical changes. For example:

  • Lavender promotes relaxation
  • Peppermint increases your energy levels
  • Basil and wintergreen reduce your muscular aches and pains

Sarah uses essential oils that add to the therapeutic effect of  remedial massage.

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Sarah Najjar - Restore Naturally