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Sarah's Circle Holistic Hub

Using her 9 years of experience as a registered kinesiologist, Melanie Kearney is very passionate about facilitating people to create positive transformation in their lives.

Licensed Kinesiologist for Stress, Pain, Immune System, Etc.

Kinesiology & Coaching with Melanie Kearney

Melanie Kearney has a history in yoga, lifestyle & preparation, and is a licensed kinesiology instructor in her 9th year of service. 

She is willing to inspire people to turn their lives differently.

An introductory consultation starts with a 30-minute health record of what you want your goal to be. The first hour in kinesiology is observed. This requires 1.5 hours of follow up sessions. Nevertheless, a limited session of 1 hour can be reserved.

Benefits of Kinesiology 

  • Allow clarification and positive changes in behaviour and habits
  • Link your drive and desire to do so and what not to do to improve your well-being and objective 
  • Aid building your ‘searching method’ to find proof in your daily lives of your expected performance at work and play. 
  • Relieve muscle discomfort, postural rigidity and fatigue due to stress
  • Offer you powerful intellectual, emotional awareness and physical energy management techniques
  • Allows you to unlock the energy to make and perform on meaningful conscious choices and constructive behavioural changes
  • Help to open up new perspectives into the link between the body and emotional feeling at each session
  • Assisting you with your physical or kinesiological counseling is a complementary service

Kinesiology Procedure 

  • Lying on the massage table fully clothed 
  • Muscle function pre-checks, including hydration, to be tracked
  • Muscle evaluation and testing of motion range and stability 
  • Carry out a behavioural investigation process by removing stress factors, focused on muscle parameters and kinesiological procedures 
  • Can involve re-examination of the past, childhood memories, underlying memory, early cognitive memory or potential uncertainty in predictions. 

Request a booking and compare the advantages that it will give you.

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