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Sarah Shah Havening

Sarah Shah

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Sarah Shah Havening

Sarah Shah Havening

About You

The people who are attracted to my services tend to be highly aware of themselves and others. You have a deep awareness of your emotions and the ways that others affect you, and have a strong relationship with your own inner guidance – however this happens for you.

You are kind and compassionate on a deep level, and know that you want to do what is aligned with your own integrity so as to bring good to yourself and others. The fact that you are highly sensitive also means you may have been exposed to much trauma in your younger years – regardless of the love and support you did or didn’t have in your life.

You are highly intelligent, (even more than you realise), and extremely capable. You are innately driven but find yourself tiring out at as you try to fit into the world’s systems. You feel like you don’t quite fit in, and you sometimes think, “What is wrong with me?” You do your best to make it work and are a person that many people gravitate towards.

You are extremely compassionate and will give of yourself continually. While you are ok with this most of the time, sometimes you find yourself left with nothing for you, and saddened that your value is not recognised in a way that brings true fulfilment. You may even be at a place where you are tired of giving out anything at all.

You have come a long way in yourself but still feel weighed down in certain areas and are not exactly sure how to let it go and move on. You may even have a couple of things you feel others would disapprove of if they knew, and figure it is easier just to keep working at it yourself without the pressure of external opinions.

You have at times felt extreme in your behaviours or isolated from the world and wonder if you will ever be totally free. You wonder if you are more emotionally imbalanced than others or too much for the general population to deal with. You wonder if it is best just to keep it to yourself.

You have hesitated in seeking help from others as you have doubted that anyone else will know better than you what you need or how to bring out the best in yourself.

I agree with you 100%.  

No-one else knows better than you do, what you need or what will help bring balance to your life in the ways that matter to you. My work is not to tell you what to do, but rather, help bring solutions to the surface that may have remained hidden up until now. Everyone is different and the processes we will use are gentle and subtle, yet powerful and lasting.

If you feel inspired in my direction, I would love to speak with you. I am completely committed to my clients and will do all in my power to see that you leave feeling lighter after each and every session.

I only see a limited number of clients each week and it important to me that you know you are not one of many, but one of the few, when you work with me.  

I am invested in you. I want to know your story. Only you can tell it. 


About Me


As you have probably gathered, I am not your typical therapist. Whilst I have completed two degrees in Psychology (PSocSc(Psych)/BPsychSc(Hons)) and am a fully certified Havening Practitioner, my personal practice of self-discovery and emotional release began well before my formal education in these areas.

From as early as I can remember, I have been an avid student  of personal growth and expansion. I have always been highly aware of my own thoughts and emotions, as well as those of others, and I too struggled for many years with unhelpful thought processes and behaviours - many of which expressed themselves quite extremely as eating disorders from the age of 14. Although being highly capable and aware, I experienced repeated seasons of loneliness as I sought to uncover the reasons behind my extreme behaviours and emotions. I often felt hopeless that I would ever be able to change my situation enough to be fully free. 

After years of research and investment into my own practises, however, things really started to click into place for me. I became adept at tuning into the energies and emotions around me, and fine-tuned my skills so as to use the feelings to my advantage. I felt a sense of power and lightness like never before and saw my sensitivity as a gift and a strength rather than a weakness.

I began to understand how we could use our uncomfortable emotions to effectively move forward, and through the practise of Havening, found a way to permanently remove the effects of trauma on a neurological level in the brain. If I had not experienced this for myself I probably wouldn't have believed it was possible - but it is. I am amazed at how gentle and subtle the processes are, and yet how powerful and lasting they can be!

The more I work with people, the more I realise just how much of our lives are coloured and affected by the things that have happened in our past. Even if we try really hard to "push through" our fear, we will only get so far unless we know how to release it at its deepest level.

If this resonates with you in any way, I am overjoyed! Nothing happens by accident. We have come into each others' world at precisely the right moment. Every decision I have ever made, and every decision you have ever made, has led us to this moment. 

We did it. We made it. You are not alone. 

You and Me. Where shall we go from here? 


Introductory Consultation

30 min Free Consultation

The introductory consultation is a 30 minute session (no charge) which allows us to introduce ourselves in person and allow space for any queries, concerns, or ideas to b... Learn More

One-On-One Sessions

2 hr $160.00

What I offer is a mix of psychology, Havening, and practical skill-based techniques that you can apply in a way that is fun and liberating. The process is light and uplif... Learn More

Release & Strengthen Sessions

12 hr $120.00

If you are looking for some intensive support regarding a specific challenge or challenges that have been prevalent for a number of years now (for example, anxiety, depre... Learn More

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