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Eating In Peace

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Naturopath & Emotional Eating Coach

Eating In Peace

Meet Sarah Svensson

Believe it or not, but I have been there as well! At the age of 9 I started eating emotionally when my parents were going through a divorce. I had no clue back then what I was doing. I just needed to fill a void that was starting to take place. During my teenage years this escalated and I started body shaming, going on diets and bingeing when no one was watching. Since then this has been a pattern in my life. Never being able to stick to a diet and ending up self-sabotaging myself or turn to food for comfort. I couldn't control myself around food, like I was on autopilot. Afterwards I would feel guilt and shame and try to over compensate with diet and exercise the coming days. 

At the age of 23, I began my 3 year study to become a Naturopath. Learning about nutrition and how it works in combination with the body absolutely changed my life forever and I use that knowledge every single day on myself, my family, friends and clients.

However, I was still an emotional eater! I knew exactly WHAT to eat but would still have my cravings, self-sabotage and binging episodes creep up on me and whack me out of my strictly planned food schedule.

This led me to a new direction and a quest to find out what was really behind this addictive behaviour led me to a self discovery I never could have dreamed of. Not only did I learn where these behaviours usually come from (on everyone), I also learned techniques that release all the subconscious weight loss blockers and rewires the brain so that you never fall into addictive behaviour again. 

Today I have made it my mission to spread this to as many as I possibly can and I absolutely LOVE what I do. To see people being freed from the chains of thinking about food (or trying not to think about it) makes my heart sing out loud. 

It has now been 22 years since I was that 9 year old little girl and as much as there has been pain associated to being an emotional eater, I wouldn't have it any other way because I know this is where I was meant to end up! 

What is Emotional Eating?

And what can we do about it?

Emotional eating comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. From having certain cravings you can't give up or not being able to stop grazing when you are bored all the way to binging and stuffing your face until you are so full you can not move anymore and feel guilty afterwards all are forms of emotional eating.

A good place to start is to know that if you are an emotional eater you are using food to deal with your emotions, unmet needs, past trauma and as a source of happiness, gratification and love. 

If you look around yourself you will see everyone doing this using one way or another such as shopping, alcohol, sex/attention from the opposite sex, drugs, social media, gambling, TV, attention from anyone, overexercising etc.

The difference to other addictions is that food is not something you can stop completely. You have to find a balance. Pfffft.....easier said than done you say!

I know it seems impossible but I have been around the globe and spent 2/3 of my life to find these techniques that actually makes that happen. They rewire your subconscious mind and releases emotional blockages that makes you want to eat when you shouldn't.

They are a combination with Regression therapy, EFT (Emotional freedom technique aka tapping), NLP (neurolinguistic programming), visualisations, panic healing and inner child work. 

Book a FREE Strategy session with me today and I will explain my plan of action further. 

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