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Sara-Jane Cleland

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Sara-Jane is a highly qualified and experienced Naturopath, Herbalist, Massage therapist and Food Educator who can facilitate your journey to a vibrant and healthy life!

Sara-Jane Cleland Naturopath

Servicing area

Southern Highlands, New South Wales

Focus areas

Nails Bloating Diarrhoea Love F5 Natural medicine


Have abundant energy?
Reduce stress in your life?
Feel fantastic, free of anxiety or depression?
Get deep refreshing sleep?
Balance your hormones?
Lose weight permanently?
Know what to eat without bloating, indigestion or pain?
Get professional advice from a qualified Naturopath?


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Health is your greatest Asset!!

About Sara-Jane

Sara-Jane is a highly qualified and experienced Naturopath, Herbalist, Massage therapist and Food Educator. Over 20 years ago her journey as a health practitioner began as a Yoga Teacher and has naturally evolved to Massage therapist, Naturopath and Food Educator.

Sara-Jane knows 'Health is your greatest Asset' not only for your future longevity but most importantly for your present level of happiness, productivity and ease of living.

Her approach is comprehensive, effectively treating your symptoms and addressing underlying causes. Sara-Jane uses high quality herbal medicines and nutritional supplements, massage, food education, diet and lifestyle recommendations, for the best natural treatment.

As a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) she is dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism and keeps abreast with the latest scientific research in herbal and nutritional medicine.

“My intention is to support changes in health, so YOU can experience a vibrant and healthy life!"


  • Grad Dip (Naturopathy), University of Western Sydney
  • B App Sc (Naturopathic Studies), University of Western Sydney
  • Dip Yoga Teacher, International Yoga Teachers Association
  • Certificate of Applied Myofascial Release, Deep Core Body Therapy
  • Certificate of Basic Myofascial Release, Deep Core Body Therapy
  • Certificate of Thai Traditional Massage, Wat Po Bangkok
  • Member ANTA

What to Expect in a Consultation?

The initial visit ascertains the main health complaints and provides the most effective treatment to address those conditions.

A health history is recorded and includes an exploration of your diet, lifestyle, stress and environmental factors. Physical examination may include checking your hair, skin, nails and tongue, iridology and/or recommending clinical and laboratory diagnostic tests.

Your treatment may include herbal medicines, specific nutritional supplements, massage therapy, diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Following consults are used to monitor the progress of treatments, explore underlying causes and contributing factors as we work together to improve your health and vitality.

Consultation Fees

Initial Consult: $120 (60 mins)
Children: $80 (under 13yrs)

Follow-up Consult: Standard $80 (45 mins)
Short $60 (30 mins)

Mini Consult: $40 (15-20 mins)

The consultation cost does not include medicines which can cost between $15-$45 per week depending on the nature of your health condition.

Payments can be made with Cash, Cheque, Visa, Mastercard or Eftpos.

Opening Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 10am - 7pm
Wednesday 10am - 7pm
Thursday 10am - 7pm
Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 2pm

All appointments need to be booked in advance, please phone or email for an appointment.

Success Stories

'I initially contacted Sara-Jane as I was experiencing significant health problems and was frustrated by the lack of options that conventional medicine offered me. I was instantly impressed with Sara-Jane's systematic, professional and compassionate approach and have since learned that she has earned an excellent reputation within the community.

Literally within weeks, my energy levels and state of mind have improved, and many of my more frightening symptoms have completely gone. Considering that several doctors and specialists had told me I would just have to 'live with' these symptoms, I can honestly say that I credit Sara-Jane with giving me my life back and I would recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their health.
Ashley, Mittagong

'When I decided to get healthy, I was looking for a Naturopath who focused on food as medicine, and someone who I felt comfortable with and would work WITH me, rather than dictate. Happily, I found Sara. From seeing her over the past few months I have easily lost almost 10kg and counting, managed my depression, regained my ability to concentrate and think clearly, increased my energy, and feel amazing. She is incredibly supportive, will discuss with you rather than talk at you, and gets as excited about your success as you do. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to heal themselves through nutrition.'
Sarah, Picton

'Since coming to see Sara-Jane my body has changed and so has my attitude. I had a very bloated stomach and a liver problem that was causing fluid retention. I'm now exercising and have become more conscious of what I am eating! I have really benefited from regular consults, having Sara-Jane check up on me - like have a personal trainer for my health!'
Annie, Burradoo

'Often on our weight loss journey, we try many different diets, that all work for a while, then we go back to our old habits. For me, I came to the point that I did not want to go back on the roller coaster of yet another program. Coming to see Sara-Jane, was so helpful, as she understood, its a life long change, and I began to understand the importance of dealing with the emotional hurdles that we all face and not to use food as the antidote.'
Diane, Goulburn

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