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Sarina Chapman

Sarina Chapman

Servicing area: Country NSW & World Wide

Sarina Chapman

Holistic Therapist -Specialising in your Transformation and change. Gently supporting you with any personal challenges and situations.  

Sarina Chapman Holistic Therapist

I use a combination of energy and intuitive healing, counselling and a selection of tools to assist you with any issue you are dealing with.

It may be that you are experiencing stress and anxiety about a relationship with your partner, children, family member or work colleague. You or a family member maybe facing a challenge with your health, mobility issue.Your financial situation maybe keeping you up at night

There may be a past trauma that you are unable to escape from or a recent event has you feeling emotionally vulnerable.

Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual-I work with all of these in a gentle, caring and compassionate way. My methodology is to give you practical and simple tools and techniques you can use any time you need.

DDD-Detect the underlying issue, Deactivate it, Discover an alternative way of thinking and being.

My programs are based around individual 1on1 sessions either face to face, via Skype calls or Telephone. I also run 12 week programs and art expression workshops.

My way of working is a balance of professional training in grounded scientific understanding from holistic counselling, positive psychology, neuroplasticity, EFT (tapping), pastoral care as well as energy work in; Reiki, Integrative Quantum Medicine, spiritual connection and energetic intuition. This combination makes for a unique and comprehensive form of therapy that allows me to work on multiple planes and be very specific to your individual needs. What this means for you is that whatever situation it is you come to see me about, I will be able to assist you in working through and resolving. While energetic work and spirituality forms a significant part of my therapy, I am also a grounded real-life therapist.

Counselling For the Elderly

I also offer a unique service to people of advancing years. I understand and am sensitive to the uniqueness of the emotional issues that this age group experiences and have spent many years working with elderly clients including those experiencing age specific conditions such as loss of a life long partner, loss of faculties, Dementia, MS and Parkinson's Disease. Specific training in Pastoral Care as well as grief and bereavement allows me to work with the spiritual and emotional needs of clients to provide care and support in a holistic way.

Any dramatic event in your life can trigger a stressful, emotional  response that can be difficult to manage. 

For more information on how I can best support you or to make an appointment;

call me on; 0427 629 338

or email me at;

I am available for telephone, skype or face to face sessions. 

My hours are Monday to Friday between 9:30am to 5:00pm. However I am able to fit in with your busy lifestyle should these hours not suit.

Initial consultation is 90 minutes and costs $150. Subsequent visits are 60 minutes long and cost $130


LB-I would like to thank you Sarina for your ongoing support to me and my family. Sarina has helped me through difficult times especially the breakdown of family bonds and dysfunctional behaviour. Through face to face and over the phone, Sarina has guided me through very difficult emotional turmoil. The professional advice, mentoring and healing Sarina has brought about has given me the tools to cope emotionally and mindfully with the intense situations I have faced. I believe Sarina is a committed therapist who gives 100% at all times.

CS-Thank you so very much for your constant support. I always feel so much better and lighter after talking things through with you. Don't know what I would do without you, you bring me back to a positive place.

Qualification Details

Dip. Holistic Counselling and Life Care
Dip. Positive Psychology
Cert. Life Coaching
Pastoral Care Royal North Shore Hospital Sydney

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