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Sar massage Therapy

Sarah Ryan

196a Evans St
South Penrith NSW 2750

Servicing area: Penrith, South Penrith, Glenmore Park, Emu plains and surrounding areas

Sar massage Therapy

Oncology Massage in Penrith

Hot Stones Massage in Penrith

Oncology Massage, Hot stones massage

Oncolgy Massage can reduce the side effects experienced from traditional treatment of cancer and the symtoms of the disease process itself, (Shown in studies performed by Cassileth and Vickers). Light touch massage was the most effective form of massage therapy offered this study.

Importantly formal trainng in this specialised area provides the therapist (like SarMassage 0410576013) the awareness and expertise to modify and adjust a conventional massage for the client with a history or diagnoses, which provides a safe and effective treatment for the client. 


Call Sarmassage for your oncology Massage on 0410576013


Remedial Stone fusion or Hot stone massage as you may know it as, is offered at SarMassage in South Penrith which is a couple of street if not one street away from Penrith CBD.

Hot stone massage blended with remedial massage techniques is designed to relax the muscles using hot and smooth stones warming the body up ecouraging a deeper form of relaxing the muscles.

Its Hard to perform a mobile massage using hot stones because of the transporting the equipment around is heavy and arkward and having to clean the rocks is just as hard. 

Call now to feel the difference on 0410576013 in Hot Stone Massage

Diploma In Remedial Massage; Hot Stone fusion massage; certificate 3 in Assistant in Nursing; Certificate 3 in Acute Care Nursing and Professional develop courses

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SarMassage operates out of South Penrith, which isa couple of streets from Penrith's CBD. Sar Massage Offers Remedial Massage in South Penrith, a couple of streets from Penrith CDB.Sarah During this game one and only Massage therapists performing deep massage and soft tissue massage on the Manly Sea eagles/National Rugby Leagues club side.

Sarmassage operates in Penrith in private clinic as wellSarah showing off her Dry Needling And massage Skills which she operates in Penrith in her private clinic as well.Sarah as Head Massage therapist Massaging the National Basketball league side, cairns taipans. Sarah runs and operates as SarMassage in Penrith as well. offering Sports massage penrithSarah Massaging the Rugby Unions Waratahs Pro Rugbys side. Sarah operates as SarMassage in South Penrith.Sarah as senior therapist massaging the Women's Big Bash cricket women's side.

Sar Massage offers Sports / Deep tissue in her private clinic in Penrith a couple streets from Penrith CBD, 2750 in NSW Sarah with the Mens Big bash women's league, Sydney Thunder, as Senior Massage therapist, sports massage, pre and post massageSarah with the Indian Cricket captain, massaging his Famous Bollywood Actress Wife, in Sydney at the time.

SarMassage can treat you like a famous person in Penrith, NSW 2750.find SarMassage on Natural therapies Pages for remedial massage Penrith and sports massage penrith