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Shashi Reddy Homeopath

Servicing area: Epping, New South Wales

Shashi Reddy Homeopath
Homeopathy For Everyone - for Acute Conditions (flu, muscle strains, ear aches, ) for Chronic Conditions (skin problems, behavioural & childhood problems, mental health conditions, menstrual & menopause discomforts, old age problems etc)

Shashi Reddy Homeopath

Welcome to my page.

I am a registered practitioner of homeopathy and a member of the Australian and NZ Council of Homeopaths. I specialise in this natural system of medicine, which the World Health Organisation(WHO) has acknowledged as being a safe, cost effective system of medicine. It has been used effectively world wide for over 200 years.

Homeopathy, a Scientific System Of Medicine, Is Safe, Effective, & Natural With No Toxic Side Effects.

It is also palatable and non-addictive.

It can be used safely by pregnant women, mothers, fathers, babies, young children, teenagers - in short, everybody.

In my family practice, I prescribe the appropriate individually tailored remedy- to my patients after the first consultation, which usually takes one to one and half hours. The effectiveness of homeopathy, lies in the individualised selection of the homeopathic medicine based on the patient's characteristic symptoms & personality.

Follow -up visits, of shorter duration, can vary anywhere from a couple of days (in cases of flu, ear aches, sore throats) to a month or even more ( in eczema, acne, period pain problems). Usually, as the immune system strengthens and the person becomes healthier, the time between follow ups will get longer and longer.

Homeopathy can treat the following conditions:
A llergies, asthma, anxiety, ADD/ADHD
B reast feeding difficulties, bedwetting, bronchitis
C olic,coughs,colds, constipation, cystitis, chronic fatigue
D ermatitis, diarrhoea, delivery
E czema, earache,exhaustion, endometriosis
F lu, fever, flatulence, fibroids
G astric problems
H ives, headache, hay fever, herpes
I nsomnia, impetigo, indigestion, irritable bowel
J aundice
K idney and bladder problems, keratosis
L ice, labour, lethargy
M astitis, mumps, measles, mood swings, morning sickness
N ose bleeds, nappy rash
O titis media, ovarian cysts, ovulation pains
P eriod pain, pimples, PMT, psoriasis, post natal depression
Q uinsy
R ashes, reflux, reproductive problems
S nuffles, sinusitis, skin, sleeping problems
T antrums, tonsillitis, teething, thrush
U pset tummies, ulcers, unhappy children
V iral infections, vitiligo,
W orms, warts, whooping cough
X anthoderma
Y east allergies
Z illions of other complaints .... so .....

To find out more about how homeopathy can help you, please feel free to contact me.

Qualification Details

  • B.Sc., M.Sc., Dip.Hom. R.C. Hom.
  • Professional Member : ARoH; AHA; NZCH

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