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Lana Volodina

Natural Healing & Scenar Therapy

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I am very keen to help people using my experience in traditional medicines. I specialty in traditional medicine and detox, which is a unique and ancient therapy used to assist people with health problems for hundreds of years. I would like to bring this knowledge to anyone who has any chronic and acute condition or who would like advice with any health issue.

Natural Healing & Scenar Therapy

Servicing area

JOONDANNA, Western Australia

Focus areas

Scenar therapy Pain relief Anger management Arthritis Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) Assistive technologies

From an early age most people get used to the idea that when we get sick someone has to treat us, and without questioning the causes of the illness, we seek an easy way to wellbeing. We honestly believe that a tablet can return our depleted life energy. Such approach is very dangerous as the person stops accepting responsibilities for his/her lifestyle, and people that are close. People put a great amount of trust into the latest medical devises and techniques, without mobilizing the vast reserves of our bodies, people do not seek the answers from Nature. By using the medical achievements of the last few decades we forget about the centurys old experience in healing that our ancestors once used. And that experience is whats important today. Its very sad to see millions of people suffer from all kinds of illnesses, while the treatment is nearby in form of very
accessible traditional Naturopathy. - Lana

Services I provide are:


    • Traditional Herbal Therapy


    • Naturopathy


    • Detox


    • Nutrition


  • Vega Test
  • Remedial massage
  • Reiki
  • Massage ( Pregnancy)
  • Cellulate

Scenar Therapy

Designed for theraputic treatment using electrical signals to stimulate the immune system
(the body's own healer). I use Unique products direct From Russia which can treat most health disorders

I can help you with chronic conditions such as:


    • Allergies


    • Acne


    • Alzheimers Disease


    • Anxiety Disorder


    • Arthritis


    • Bronchitis


    • Candidiasis


    • Depression


    • Digestive Disorders


  • Nutritional Advise


Natural Healings

Naturopathy Herbal Medicine Kinesiology Nutrition Reiki
$75 Per session

Open from Monday to Friday,from 9 Am To 5 Pm

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