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Scott Gooding

Whale Beach NSW 2107

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Hi, I'm Scott Gooding,

I created The Scott Gooding Project with one objective in mind - to support, help and guide people on a journey towards better health. Please help yourself to my recipes. They are all gluten free, anti inflammatory and made with love. You’ll also find health programs designed to help you lose weight, fight inflammation and gain vitality, as well as blogs galore to educate yourself on all sorts of healthy topics. For those wanting to jump right in and begin a new health journey with guidance and support, I offer one on one personalised nutrition/health coaching

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

I've had the good fortune to work in the health and fitness industry since 2005.  In this time I've crafted and evolved my position on health and longevity through research, study and experience.  I believe we are all entitled to good health however the current culinary landscape can veer us off track and can make it challanging at times.  I work with my clients to curate an individualised strategy that takes into consideration the clients' lifestyle, values and needs.  

I've found the key to success and long term adherence to a healthy lifestyle is to make small incremental changes which are realistic, holistic and manageable over time.

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Qualification details

BSc Exercise Science 

Cert 3&4 fitness 

Ad Dip Exercise Specialist 

Nutrition & Performance Coach (Holsitic Performance Institute)

Qualified Health Coach 

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This practitioner provides online consults
Scott Gooding Holistic Nutrition Coach