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Seb's Massage Therapy

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Seb's Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is one of the oldest forms of healing, hence its 4000 years history. The human body is a wondeful sophisticated self-healing machine! Massage Therapy facilitates & enhances the healing process by using specialised techniques. Regular treatments is key to establish & maintain a healthy balance physically as well as psychologically.

  • Soft Tissue Mobilisation

    Deep Tissue - goodbye trigger points "knots"

    Myofascial Release - unwind tight painful tissue

    Sports Massage - pre-event / post-event to optimise performance / recovery

    Relaxation Massage - soothe sore, tired & injured muscles

  • Stretching - increase flexibility & reduce risk if injury

  • Thermal Therapies - hot/cold application to decrease pain

  • TENS - gentle electrical stimulation to decrease pain or stimulate muscles

  • Strapping - pre-event joint strapping

  • Cupping - old Chinese technique of ridding the body of toxins

60 Minutes Treatment Only $50!

30 Minutes Treatment Only $30!

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Seb's Massage Therapy