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Self Health Australia

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Self Health Australia

Welcome to Self-Health

I found meditation as a method for discovering your purpose it took 3 hours (with a considerable measure of wriggling) and concocted nothing other than what to cook for dinner. It said in meditation the answer may show up throughout the following week so perhaps that is the thing that would happen. No, that would not happen! For a long time I had close family being dealt with for "terminal" cancer while in the meantime I was opening a yoga studio and slipping into depression. I was physically and emotionally broken. It was an exceptionally dull time for me; however one I generally knew was a vital component to something essential. Two years of spiritual healing, energy healing and hypnotherapy brought me out the other side, as well as gave me a recharged and more profound enthusiasm for mental and emotional healing, the centrality of past lives in this present life and ancestral patterns. I figured I was given these opportunities (while it didn't appear that at the time) to feel and comprehend serious illness and depression. Along the way I had been told by no less than 10 individuals that I was psychic. I laughed at this – me..psychic..I don't think so. Not noticing that I had been reading many books on mediumship, animal communication, automatic writing, medical intuition, angel card reading and whatever else I could get my hands on. In my mind I discovered this fascinating reading, however absolutely didn't think this was me. Fast forward to today. I know I am here to help heal people. Through workshops, through Readings, through discussion and referrals to others. I know you have the power to change your life and I want to give you the tools to take charge of your own healing.

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When I read I “see” visions (this is clairvoyance), I “hear” information (clairaudience), I “feel” (clairsentience) and I “know” (claircognizance).

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