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Specialising in Listening Therapy /Sound Therapy (with Bone Conduction) used in the treatment of AUDITORY PROCESSING DISORDER / DIFFICULTIES, Primitive Reflex Integration programs which address Academic and Emotional/Social concerns in children/adults. Christine Manetta-Rubera-Educational Specialist/Listening Therapist.
Christine has worked in the fields of education and neuro-developmental programs during the past 20 years.
Christine is a qualified Teacher and Physicist. She has also trained in Human Development and has combined that with her knowledge in Physics to qualify her to train as a Listening Therapist.

The centre aims at providing educational tools and therapy that can be used to enhance children’s learning.


"Our mission is to maximise every child's learning potential"

Active Learning Therapy Centre-Sensory Educational Concepts







‘Auditory Processing and the effects on Listening, Learning & Behaviour’
The Active Learning Therapy Centre would like to extend an invitation to teachers, parents and other interested professionals to attend an information seminar.

Date: TBA

The presentation will cover:
• Information on AUDITORY PROCESSING and the effects on Listening, Learning & Behaviour
• Treatment Programs (Home/School/Clinic Based)
• Home/Classroom strategies/management
• Sound Health in the Home/Classroom
• Q & A

Indicators of an AUDITORY PROCESSING difficulty can include:
• Trouble listening or following instructions.
• Problems with literacy, in particular decoding, spelling & comprehension.
• Problems with attention/ concentration, memory & organisation.
• Concerns about Social/Behavioural issues.

Presented by Active Learning Therapy
Director: Christine Manetta-Rubera BSc.DipEd,

Some of programs available through “Sensory Educational Concepts” are:

• Integrated Listening Systems-iLs Home, Focus and Pro (with Bone Conduction) used in the treatment of Auditory Processing Difficulties

• Integrated Listening Systems-(Home Based and Clinic Based) used in the treatment of Auditory Processing Difficulties

• Advanced Brain Technologies- ABT -The Listening Program (home based with / without Bone Conduction) used in the treatment of Auditory Processing difficulties

• Advanced Brain Technologies-ABT -Sound Health Series, Music for Babies, Brain Builder, Interactive Computer Programs

• BrainBoy Training

• Rhythmic Movement Training (Integration of Primitive Reflexes)

• LearningBreakthrough Program

LISTENING THERAPY (AUDITORY RETRAINING) Used in the Treatment of Auditory Processing Difficulties

Sound is a vital energy source for the brain and nervous system.

Over forty years ago, Dr. Alfred Tomatis MD. (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist) made a series of groundbreaking discoveries about the role of the ear and hearing in brain development and organization. Dr Tomatis determined that, in many cases, distortions in hearing or auditory processing can contribute to behavioural or learning disorders
In a large number of cases Auditory Retraining reduced many of the symptoms associated with the behavioural and learning difficulties, as the associated auditory processing difficulties were treated. Tomatis showed that our auditory nerve is fundamental to human neurology; it helps to regulate not only balance and spatial orientation, but even vision and our tactile senses.
Alfred Tomatis MD. laid the ground work for a new multi-disciplinary science called Audio-Psycho-Phonology. It explains “why the way we listen” has a profound impact on almost all aspects of our being including reading, writing, singing, speaking, behaviour and even control of our bodies.

Sound Therapy (Auditory Retraining) is the use of Music and Sound recordings listened to through speakers and/or headphones for a specific Frequency (How often), Intensity (How stimulating) and Duration (How long for) which then trains the muscles of the middle ear to accept a wider range of frequencies. Auditory Retraining is designed to normalize the entire auditory processing system, as the brain is a crucial part of the auditory processing system it is also aimed at changing how the brain processes and organizes the input received from the ears. The primary objective of the Retraining is to bring the auditory processing system into balance so that sound is perceived without distortion across the audible frequency spectrum.


THE INTEGRATED LISTENING SYSTEM & THE LISTENING PROGRAM, have been developed based on research by Alfred Tomatis, M.D., Programs are only available through trained and qualified practioners. Practioner Training is only open to professionals with Graduate or Bachelor Degrees, or license in a health, therapeutic, or education discipline. Listening Therapy is being used around the world in 27 countries to help people enhance their listening, learning, auditory processing skills and communication abilities through auditory stimulation.


Almost anyone can benefit from LISTENING THERAPY

Listening Therapy is used by people of all ages, starting as young as age two.
It is especially beneficial for:

• Individuals experiencing difficulties in listening, sensory integration, learning, language, reading, attention, memory, social aspects, communication, behaviour, cognition and auditory processing

• The typically developing child

• Individuals who are interested in improved communication and speaking skills, second language acquisition, musical ability, learning potential (achieving full academic potential at VCE and Tertiary level), relaxation, creativity and brain longevity

In particular Listening Therapy can help if you or your child have any of the following issues:

• Auditory Processing difficulties

• Learning difficulties in particular difficulties at school in the areas of: Reading, Reading out loud, Spelling, Written Expression, Drawing Ability, Handwriting, Mathematical Concepts, Oral Presentations, and Retaining Information

• A tendency to Misinterpret what is being said
• Difficulty following complex verbal instructions in sequence
• Difficulty participating or performing at your best in a noisy enviroment (i.e., classroom/workplace)
• Over Sensitivity to certain sounds

• Poor Attention/Concentration
• Distractibility-Can’t stay focused
• Memory problems (Short and/or Long Term)
• Poor Organisation skills
• Poor Task Completion skills

• Delayed Language Development
• Communication
• Poor Expressive Language skills

• Behavioral problems
• An indifferent, negative or antagonistic attitude to learning
• Delayed Emotional Maturity
• Difficulty Regulating ones Emotions
• Low Self Confidence
• Difficulty with Social Interaction
• Low Energy Levels
• Poor Motivation
• Tendency towards Depression
• Low tolerance for frustration

• Poor Balance
• Issues with Body Movement – Clumsiness
• Hyperactivity- Always Moving
• Poor Motor Co-ordination

• A History of Childhood Ear Infections.


If you feel you or your child have problems in some of these areas contact our clinic for an assessment

Don't wait until it is too late-


A comprehensive assessment will determine the most suitable program for your needs.

The customised Listening Program is dependant on your assessment. An individualised listening program and schedule is then devised specifically for you to address your needs

The Integrated Listening System (iLs) can be used at home

iLs can be used at home, school or in a clinic, under the professional supervision of an iLs practioner, and involves listening for 30-60 minutes a day, 5-7 days a week using a CD player and headphones/speakers.

The principles behind Integrated Listening Systems are scientific. Its protocols were fine tuned by a qualified interdisciplinary team of educational, therapeutic, medical, music and sound professionals.

The iLs - Home Based Program consists of an extensive series of high quality audio CD's that integrate specially produced acoustic music with innovative sound processing techniques.

The iLs - Home Based Program is a CD music based and sound stimulation method designed to exercise the muscles in the middle ear and in turn affect and stimulate the cochlea, vestibular (balance) mechanism and auditory neurons all the way to the brain. The intent of this process being to train and balance the auditory system.

Benefits of Listening Therapy for you and your family
Listening Therapy has already helped many individuals experience changes in many areas of their life. Included are some of the areas of change noted by the many people participating in Listening Therapy

• Improvement in Reading, Spelling and Handwriting
• Better results in Mathematics

• Better Memory and Information Retention
• Able to Follow through with tasks more
• Increased ability to Follow Complex Verbal Direction
• Improved Attention Span and Concentration
• More Organised

• Decreased Sound Sensitivity
• Increased Understanding of Spoken Language
• Improved Public speaking
• Improved Auditory Processing skills

• More Independant
• Greater Self Esteem
• Elevated Mood
• More Motivated
• Improved Social Interaction

• Less anxious
• Increase in Maturity
• More of a Sense of Humour
• More Energy
• Greater Control of Emotions

• Improved Sense of Balance
• Better Coordinated
• More Controlled Body Movement
• Less Hyperactive

• And many more


- Call to receive an SEC Listening Checklist (which is used as a Screening Tool for auditory processing difficulties) fill it in and post it back and it will be evaluated by a qualified iLs practioner. A free 30 minute follow up telephone consultation is included with this offer

RHYTHMIC MOVEMENT TRAINING (Integration of Primitive Reflexes)

Primitive (infant) reflexes are reflex actions originating in the central nervous system. These reflexes disappear or are inhibited as a child moves through normal child development.

The Importance of Integrating Primitive Reflexes

Integration of the primitive reflexes is important because, when our movements come from active primitive reflex movement patterns, then there are challenges with coordination. This can lead to reading and writing difficulties; language and speech delays; disorganisation; fidgeting; concentration issues etc.
Incomplete integration of primitive reflexes may contribute to symptoms of ADD/ ADHD, autism, learning challenges, developmental delay, sensory integration disorders, vision and listening challenges, and social/behavioural problems.
Rhythmic Movement Training helps children and adults complete the primitive reflex patterns and transform the challenges into integration.

Also available exclusively from

Sensory Educational Concepts

The Sound Health Series
Specific CD’s can be used to create a combination of auditory environments which can be applied to creative activities, relaxation, mental activities and energy needs.
The Sound Health Series CDs have a number of specific applications in the home, office and classroom enviroment.

The following Sound Health Series CDs are available:

>DE-STRESS - (Uses include: Releasing tension, Inducing sleep and Decreasing anxiety)

>RELAX - (Uses include: Reducing hyperactivity, Pain relief, and Rejuvenation)

>CONCENTRATION - (Uses include: Studying, Office work and Problem solving)

>THINKING - (Uses include: Learning, Writing activities and Project work)

>LEARNING - (Uses include: Classroom enviroment, Task oriented activities and Creativity)

>PRODUCTIVITY - (Uses include: Office work, Task completion and Movement programs)

>INSPIRATION - (Uses include: Stimulating creative expression, Strategic thinking, and Improved performance)

>MOTIVATION - (Uses include: Increasing vitality, Organising and Creating enthusiasm)

>MAXIMUM FOCUS - (Uses include: Increase intellectual endurance, Intensify awareness and Hone mental acuity)

>PEAK PERFORMANCE - (Use includes: Accomplishing challenging mental and physical tasks with ease)

Music for Babies Series

Music for Babies helps parents provide a rich and soothing audio environment that’s just right for babies.

In the Music for Babies Series each volume has been carefully crafted to provide the kind of musical nourishment that scientific study has shown will actively support optimum brain development in a child’s early years.
Uniquely appropriate for children from birth to 36 months,
The following Music for Babies CDs are available:

>SLEEPY BABY - Restful, progressively lulls your child into a deep and refreshing sleep

>PEACEFUL BABY - Soothing, a calming infuence on your child

>CHEERFUL BABY - Happy, offering your child increased joy in their world

>PLAYFUL BABY - Vibrant, encourages your child to actively experience the richness of their world

BrainBuilder Memory Software (CD-ROM)

Brain Builder
Auditory and visual sequential processing are the basic building blocks of learning and memory. Brain Builder training improves sequential processing and provides advanced training in visualization and conceptualization- the basic thinking skills – resulting in faster cognitive processing.

BrainBuilder applications in children

• Academic function
• Decision-making abilities
• Self-confidence
• Attention span
• Behaviour

And in adults

• Productivity
• Functional competence
• Interpersonal skills
• Social maturity
• Leadership abilities

For further information to book an ' in house' consultation for your school or office where an ABT Certified Provider will attend and assess your particular needs please contact the clinic where one of our staff will be happy to assist you.

Qualification details

Christine Manetta-Rubera B.Sc. (Physics), Dip.Ed.
Educational Specialist/Listening Therapist
iLs Professional Practioner,
ABT Certified Provider (CP-BC)
RMT Practioner
VIT Registration No.165012

Christine graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Physics/Applied Mathematics) in 1983 and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Qualified Secondary Teaching) in 1984. Christine has studied the principles of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (Philadelphia) in Australia from 1990 to 1998, which has certified Christine as a Human Developmentalist at the Initial Level.

In 2004 Christine studied Sound Therapy (Auditory Retraining) by training with Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT) and is now a Certified Provider-Bone Conduction of ABT.
In 2007 Christine completed her post graduate training with Integrated Listening System which qualified her at the Professional Level in Listening Therapy (Sound Therapy)

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