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Turtle Journey Synchronicity & The Universe

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This story is about one of the journeys that Stella experiences incarnated here on planet Earth, her family, the paths she walks and the people she meets along the way.

About reawakening to the interconnectedness throughout the dimensions. Her realization of ALL that is embodied within each and every Human Being.

Understanding the weave of her own Sacred Journey and sharing how each intricate thread synapses with the other to become part of the whole.

Recognising the existence of larger families that are much greater than mere words can do justice to, and in having said that, sharing her story, or one strand of this incarnations weave with you all.

For those of you already awake, I hope you enjoy the journey, for those of you awakening, may this journey assist you along your path.

For those of you still sleeping, enjoy and may you awaken soon, so that you can really enjoy and understand the Dreamtime and join in on the carpet of life.

May we all honour our creator as we advance along our own Divine pathway as set out when we were created.

Serendipity Oils

Essential, exotic, exquisite pure Egyptian Chakra Oils

Allowing herself to be guided by the Master Serapis Bey, Cynthya embarked on a 5 week solitary journey through Egypt, Feb & March 2010.

This was a journey taken with complete faith and trust, my desire is to lead spiritual tours through this land, I felt I was being guided as to the places that one should visit on such a venture. So it was, I was guided to many out of the way places that most tourists would not consider visiting, but this is the real Egypt where one discovers many ancient ways.

There was to be an exceptional twist, my introduction to the 7 higher, interdimensional Chakra oils, having already been aware of the 7 physical chakra oils from a previous journey.

These exquisite elixers of life allow us to heal, smell delightful and expand our awareness to the interdimensional realms, by locating, healing and activating our higher chakras in unison with our 7 major physical chakras. I spent a delightful afternoon with GAmal, an Egyptian Healer, who taught me the benefits of these oils.

After returning home and working with these oils, I soon felt the familiar guidance from Bey, urging me to return to Egypt and import these oils for the benefit of all, and so we did!

These divine oils are pure extracts, the original essence of plants and flowers, extracted by centuries old tradition of enfleurage, a process of cold pressing the petals and plants in a vegetable oil to extract the essence.

This is one of the most expensive ways to extract essential oil as it is very labour intensive
Essential oils are distilled in boiling water or by steam, some flowers and plants will not put up with this heat and their fragrance breaks down.

Best used as intuitively guided, they are pure, use as perfume, bath oil, in your burner, or blend to create your own unique sacred mix. You will find you reawaken to your life purpose, feel lighter and content, have more purpose and be...

There is no shelf life, they become better with age.


Ground Chakra

The ground (base) chakra is our connection to planet Earth and to the contrasts of life. When we are fixed in this chakra, we are balanced, which means to appreciate life, be free and happy to be on earth and to accept our body. If we are not fixed (balanced) then we are hiding all this from ourselves.

It needs a big understanding for differences between light and dark, what people pass through o be able to help, to be able to share, not only to give, but also to receive.

Red-Amber gives the acceptance to our body, without hiding or being a slave to it. This oil helps to ask: Where do I come from, why am I here? Where does my pain come from? It helps to face the deeper reasons for our pain. We succeed to be honest with ourself, why we suffer, to be encouraged to find a way out, to remember what we need and do not want.

Red-Amber is to communicate between the material, emotional and mental level, it helps to accept what happens, to be able to let things go, to love ourselves, to enjoy freedom and to be in Divine Love.

It needs a higher confidence in Human life, a lot of power and unconditional love, to go through what life means to some of us. Therefore we earn sympathy, appreciation, love and help from each other. Red-Amber can give us the vision, knowledge and wisdom, how to help ourselves and others.

Crystal: Haematite

$35.00 each

Navel Chakra

The Navel- (sacral) Chakra is our centre of power in the abdomen. It is the essence of who we incarnated to be in this lifetime. It is responsible for maintenance of mankind as well as for assimilation of food. It gets energy like the ground chakra- from the earth and sun.

It is our centre for creativity.

The naval chakra contains fear, fault, insecurity, unsafeness and disturbance.

Musk-oil brings balance to this chakra and helps assist us to pass through fear, as well as to accept, understand and clear up fault.

Especially for women it is the oil of protection and to understand all what is going on in the body. It stops nervousness during the moon days and gives security.

Musk oil helps to let things go between generations, between mothers and children and it gives calmness during pregnancy.

Musk oil is very good for healing the skin.

Crystal: Carnelian

$35.00 each

Solar Plexus Chakra

Balancing and clearing the Solar Plexus Chakra is very important because it contains our individual I AM It is who we allow ourself to become in this lifetime.

With Yasmin (jasmine) Oil it is easy to find self-confidence and trust and believe in ourselves.

If we want to reach higher consciousness levels we need a strong and balanced feeling for ourselves, to be safe and secure with our intuition.

Yasmin oil also connects us with our higher self and harmonizes all higher chakras (throat, third eye, crown)
Yasmin-oil is most important for grounding. Some people think the main destination in spiritual work is to be High. To be always high makes us weak, at which point it is easy for us to be attacked on every level.

It is very good to be sensible, but it is not good to be weak.

Yasmin Oil balances us to live sexually and spiritually equally, that means to understand the different powers of ying and yang.

It clears up and cleans up the chakra membranes of the solar plexus, protecting the penetration of negative influences from all levels. It takes away sadness and upset feelings of the stomach.

Crystal: citrine

$35.00 each

Heart Chakra

The heart Chakra is our centre of love to express sympathy, to communicate on emotional levels.

Rose oil is called the Master-Oil because it is to clear up the heart. It leads us to live on an emotional level, not a mental level. It balances emotions with the body and with our collection of memories. Rose oil is to forgive, to be able to forget. It gives the power to start again.

Rose oil opens our heart and our feelings, but it protects and gives security. It makes us safe and understanding of what is going on around us and free to do what we really want.

It is very important to be open hearted but to be in our own hand. To be too much open hearted is not our problem, we have a problem when we leave the control in someone elses mind or hand. When we are balanced we are safe and secure. When we are not balanced, either we are punishing ourself or we are punished by other people.
Rose-oil stops nervousness because it is food for the nervous system in the body. A strong relaxant, anti-inflammatory and reduces scarring.

It has been used for the skin for thousands of years.

The Arab physician, Avicenna, was first responsible for distilling rose oil!

Crystal: rose quartz

$35.00 each

Throat Chakra

With the throat chakra we are able to express our thoughts and feelings and bring them to a speech level. It is also our ability to interpret clearly messages that are being delivered to us.

The secret about amber-cashmere is that it is the best oil to stop fear of self-expression or to communicate. It makes people believe in themselves, to drive their self-confidence, so that they can talk very frankly, to share conversation and tell their truth without fear, to face the truth and pass through it.

In old Egyptian time words had a very different importance. Words, so they knew were sound, to speak was a procedure to build up sonar fields, to fuse with universal wave patterns.

Amber-Cashmere comes from Lybia and from Cashmere, in the past (30,000 yrs ago) it grew only in Lybia, at this time Lybia was Egyptian land.

Crystal: blue lace agate

$35.00 each

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is a very sensible instrument. It rules our inner sight and shows our maturity. When the Third-Eye is completely opened, we can read the Akasha-Chronical (akashic records), which covers all that ever has been or will be.

Sandelwood-oil is very good for meditations to open this chakra, it helps to open it smoothly and to come to a very clear sight. Opening of the third eye should be opened very carefully and harmoniously, so that it is not opened to fast, as we may not be ready to see all that is.

Sandelwood is great help in stress situations and balances irritation on the mental level. To be able to concentrate and come to clear decisions. It harmonizes emotions, fear, sadness or melancholy.

It stimulate the immune system, gives a very good body feeling and heals arthritis and rheumatism.

High in sesquiterpenes which stimulate the limbic system in the brain (center for memory and emotion. It has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine for skin revitalization, yoga and meditation.

Anti tumoral, antiviral & immune stimulant.

Crystal: amethyst

$35.00 each

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is to communicate through times and through boarders, to communicate with one who lives far away from you, or to communicate with higher consciousness levels and to be guided by teachers. At the same time to focus on past lives and to receive the answers for things which are not clear and balanced in this life.

The lotus oil scent has always been used to clear up the crown chakra, to take people away from the materialistic world, to live on a high spiritual level and to be able to communicate there.

Lotus-oil has been used in ancient Egyptian times in temples to lead Kings and Priests on a higher spiritual level, to receive universal energy to create their own world.

The power of Lotus leads the physical body on very different levels, to see clearly, it influences all other chakras in a positive way and is especially useful in meditation.

Lotus-flower grows in Egypt and China but the Chinese lotus has no smell, the only lotus flower with scent grows in Egypt.

Crystal: selenite

$35.00 each

Higher Self Chakra

Kings and Priests in Ancient Egypt were familiar with far higher spiritual levels than we in our time can imagine.

They had knowledge about other spiritual worlds in the universe, and they were able to remember to be part of the Divine Unity.

Papyrus oil is for the 8th Chakra, which exists between the Human and the Universe, it leads us to be part of all, how to be able to be and to communicate with other worlds and to be able to shine, to deliver and to give.
It allows us to reconnect with our higher self.

The Papyrus-oil shows the way to be above and below, to communicate between the universe and human, between masculine and feminine and between all opposite sides, also to let your imagination go very far away, not to be on a tight physical level, but to enjoy communication as a member of the whole universe.

Papyrus-oil connects us with circumstances or past lives of many, many thousand years ago, so that we can face very different lives on the Earth or on other planets, as well as to remember our knowledge and our potential, to use it here and now.

$35.00 each

Spirit Chakra

Myrrh oil promotes spiritual awareness and is uplifting, it is one of the 3 anointing oils that was delivered to the Christ child by the wise Men upon his birth. A very powerful protective oil that allows us to travel with ease between the dimensions.

Brings us into closer attunement with our spirit guides and guardian angel.

This oil also contains sesquiterpenes which stimulate the limbic system in the brain(the center of memory and emotions), the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands.

A powerful antioxidant, antitumoral, anti inflammatory, antiviral, antiparasitic, analgesic & anaesthetic.
It is documented in one of the oldest known medical records

Ebers Papyrus from the 16th century B.C.

$35.00 each

Earth Chakra

Nile Flower Oil connects us to the Higher Energetic Planes on our earth.

Our beloved Mother earth also has a chakra system, these are places with a huge energy vortex, like the great pyramid of Giza. There are many such energy centers on our planet and these major chakra points weave in the universal energies from the matrix.

Nile Flower oil enhances our connection with Mother Earth and therefore our awareness, it is connecting our etheric energy system with hers, making us more intuitive with the natural forces that are around us.

Some of the other high energy centers on Earth are Uluru (Australia), Glastonbury,(England) Milford Sound(New Zealand) and of course Mt Shasta (U.S.A.)

$35.00 each

Star Gate

Frankincence is considered the Holy Anointing Oil of the Middle East.

It allows us to open up and be ready to receive guidance from Light Spirits in other dimensions.

At this level we are offering our service to the Divine, to assist in the rise of consciousness here in the third dimension, our own energy is becoming lighter and we are more finely attuned to the universe around us.

Frankincence increases spiritual awareness, promotes meditation, improves attitudes and uplifts spirits.

Well know during the time of the Christ for its anointing and healing powers and was another of the gifts given to Him by the 3 Wise Men.

It has been used to treat every conceivable illness known to mankind, it rejuvenates and revitalizes the body.
Antitumoral, immunostimulant, antidepressant & muscle relaxant.

Frankincence also contains sesquiterpenes.

Frankincence was valued more than gold in Ancient times, and only those with great wealth and abundance possessed it.

Also mentioned in Ebers papyrus, one of the oldest medical records.

$35.00 each

Intergalactic Chakra

Golden Water Oil opens us to receiving intelligence, guidance and support from other intelligent beings on other planets in the universe.

The Ancient Egyptians say that this was the third gift given to the Christ child by the 3 wise men, its healing and restorative powers are beyond measure.

Golden water enhances the frequency of all of our chakras and expands our awareness.

Our potential to create the life we want for ourselves while being a guiding light for others is unremarkable.

Using this Oil will assist you greatly on your own spiritual path, it helps us to re-member what the Divine purpose of our soul is.

$35.00 each

Soul Chakra

Carnation Spice is the oil that prepares our body to be on a higher level.

This chakra allows us to access past life knowledge, regression to past lives to retrieve the wisdom we gained in these previous lifetimes.

Carnation Spice oil allows us to reincarnate this wisdom in this life, while releases that which no longer serves us any purpose.

$35.00 each

Crystal Chakra

Flower of Saqqara oil lifts our vibration to the 5th dimension, it allows us to resonate with the crystalline world. Everything is in perfect order.

We are able to ascend while still living and being in the 3rd dimensional reality.

Our soul is singing as we advance along our Divine Pathway as set out by our Creator when we were created.
We are communicating at all times with our etheric body and all beings in the brilliant white light of the Divine.


$35.00 each

Meditation CD's

"HEALING MOTHER EARTH" - Meditation by Cynthya
Available on CD

"Listen to your heart !
Mother Earth is calling you.
She is calling to everyone of us.
Calling us to heal her and thereby
heal ourselves."

This meditation was first shared
in August 2004 as a visual.

Since then this healing meditation has been
shared at private and community event
to give healing energy and love
back to Mother Earth.

Please join in the celebration of
healing Mother Earth.

In gratitude for all that our
wonderful planet provides for us !

$20.00 plus $5.00 Postage & Handling

"Gaia Sings"

Listen to the sound the wind makes
as it rustles throughout the leaves in the trees ------
Blowing around us,
swirling, playing with our hair,
caressing our skin
with the gentle loving kisses
from our family all around us.

$20.00 plus $5.00 Postage & Handling


Chloe's Paintings

"Mates" - $150.00

"Caring For Mother Earth" - $250.00

Please see gallery for images of the paintings.


Turtle Journey - Cynthya

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