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Lara Hewitt

Serenity Healing

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A Higher Level Of Health:~ Natural Health Practitioner specialising in Kinesiology, Pranic Healing, Body Harmony, Vibrational Remedies and workshops.

Serenity Healing

Servicing area

Cronulla, New South Wales

Focus areas

Wellbeing Sciatica Stress Management Purpose Relaxation Happiness


A gentle non-invasive hands-on-bodywork modality connects with the cellular structure of your tissues to help your body and mind unwind and free itself by releasing tissue memory and traumas from the past physically, mentally and emotionally. This allows fundamental change and transformation enabling personal empowerment.

Body Harmony addresses the body as a whole, embracing the physical, chemical, emotional and mental aspects of each person treated, resulting in a deep sense of overall relaxation - allowing the body to recharge and balance itself. Body Harmony should be considered for back pain & sciatica, earache, migraine, chronic fatigue syndrome, knee and ankle problems, neck/shoulder problems, sports & accident injuries or relaxation and may benefit other imbalances including depression. It is a non-invasive modality - moves may be done over clothing.


Daily stresses, trauma, and health issues we have, create imbalances which affect body functioning, meridian flow, and emotional well being.

Kinesiology uses the key technique of "muscle monitoring" which is an effective and verstaile tool for detecting and correcting various imbalances in the body which may relate to stress, nutrition, learning problems, injuries and so on.

Upon evaluation, effective corrections are applied to effectively correct any imbalances resulting in improved vitality, posture and health.


Pranic healing is the use of the universal life energy, also known as prana, to create health and well-being. In a session the practitioner corrects energy imbalances and blockages by removing diseased or stagnant energy and replacing it with fresh prana.

Pranic healing can alleviate and heal many ailments by itself but it also compliments orthodox medicines and procedures extremely well and enhances and speeds up a person's natural healing process.


What are Shell Essences?
Shell Essences are vibrational remedies. Whereas conventional medicine uses surgery and drugs to repair bodily damage, vibrational medicine uses energy, in different forms and frequencies, to rebalance the mind, body and spirit.

How do Shell Essences work?

Shell Essences are taken as drops under the tongue and enter the body via the energy meridians - recognised by Chinese medicine and acupuncture for thousands of years. The meridians conduct ripples of energy to the cells.

Shell Essences press the right 'energy keys' to return specific essential information that may be lost or diminished, in order to re-create health and happiness. Our cells can then use this 'energy information' to stimulate the body to bring about healing change.


It is with grace and much pleasure that Lara welcomes and leads you into the angelic realm of infinite possibilities.

The next workshop details are coming soon:~

These powerful yet gentle angelic energies may heal/relieve physical illnesses, balance mental and emotional states bringing more peace into your life and strengthens the immune system giving a greater sense of wellbeing.

Absolute beginners will be given tools to assist them to heal themselves, their families and energise their homes and offices with these amazing angelic energies. Practitioners can expect to achieve a higher level of healing for their clients.

This workshop includes attunements to the healing energies, a manual, a crystal "opener" attuned to your own individual vibration, and refreshments.

Bookings are essential so please feel free to call on 0409 821 877 or 9527 3300 for further information or to make your booking. We look forward to hearing from you.

Lara is a gifted spiritual teacher and energetic healer. Her passion and purpose is to empower people to reach their full potential.

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