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Natalie Borg

Berwick VIC 3806

Servicing area: Berwick & Beaconsfield VIC, and other South East Melbourne Suburbs

Serenity Natural Health

Get to learn the spiritual teachings and knowledge to gain access to the Divine Source and your Higher Self.

Spiritual Services: Kinesi-Crystal Therapy, Reiki 3 in 1 & Distant Healings

Services Offered

Kinesi-Crystal Therapy

Face to face 60 mins: $160 
Officially Trademarked and Copyrighted under "Serenity Natural Health" 2018

Natalie removes the crystal healing mechanism from your Meridian device and hits the root of all issues as you lay down. This is a very powerful healing method with a mixture of kinesiology and crystal remedy strategies.

Reiki 3 in 1

Face to face 60 mins: $160
Facebook messenger video 60 mins: $140 
Reiki 3 in 1 is officially Trademarked and Copyrighted under "Serenity Natural Health" 2018

If you’ve ever encountered Reiki, then this is 100 times stronger. Natalie can bind you on the mental, emotional and physical levels with your history, current, and potential to restore you. We’ve been collaborating with the Ascended Masters for the last 12 months to build and improve the unbelievably powerful healing pattern. Reiki 3 in 1 integrates, as a Master and Diploma Qualified Kinesiologist, the most effective technologies Natalie studied and teaches directly from the Ascended Masters. 

Distant Healings 

Distant 30 mins: $60

Feel your strong energy as Natalie channels the force. This can assist you with health and emotional problems. Natalie has worked for several years in virtual healings for people worldwide and has seen incredible results. 

Spiritual Development Coaching 

Facebook messenger video/call per hour: $130 

Learn from Natalie's many years of spiritual teachings and know-how to gain access to the Universal root and to your Higher mind, so that you will still make the right choice and be at the right time.

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