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Karen Degen

Servicing area: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Cairns, Darwin, Australia Wide

Helping you reach your full potential - whether in your health, wealth, relationships or dreams. Helping you be who you want to be and where you want to be in life.

Set Free with EFT - Life Coaching

So many of us feel that we could be so much more. We feel we could achieve so much more, but we know instinctively that something is holding us back.

Having a goal isn't enough. Your goals, dreams and desires are held in your conscious mind, but your conscious mind is only between 1% and 5% of your thinking. Your subconscious makes up between 95% and 99% of your thinking, and its also a million times more powerful than the conscious mind! Your subconscious is where your fears and self defence mechanisms are. Its where your beliefs about yourself, your abilities and your place in the world are. Your subconscious could be working against you and preventing you achieving the success you consciously desire. Thats why positive thinking or the Law of Attraction doesnt work for most people. They dont realise that their subconscious mind is attracting as well and it's far more powerful, often taking them away from what they really want.

I work with individuals and business people to help them be who they want to be, and where they want to be in life. My job is to re-program over the fears, defenses and negative beliefs in your subconscious mind. I remove the barriers between you and your goals so you achieve the success you aim for.

Email me at to organise your next Life Coaching session. Location no barrier - working Australia wide via Skype.

Is Life Coaching Right For You?

Many people go through life never putting themselves first and never doing anything for themselves. I suggest that now is the time to change that. Give yourself permission to work on YOU. You are reading this because you know its your time. Invest in yourself and become a better version of you.

Specific Areas We Can Focus On

I'm actually a Happiness, Health and Success Coach (like a life coach but so much more).

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Which Techniques Do I Use?

I have a number of tools in my toolbox with the most effective one being EFT (a form of energy psychology, also known as tapping). I also work very strongly with the Law of Attraction and teach my clients how to use both of these to achieve the life they want.

More information about this technique is available here, or feel free to email me to discuss the benefits a coaching session can bring to your health, happiness and success.

Just email Karen at or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today to organise your next Life Coaching session.

Qualification details

  • I am an EFT International Accredited Certified EFT Master Trainer
  • An Approved Supervisor and
  • Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner

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