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‘fall down seven times, stand up eight’

SevenEight Psychology

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About me

My name is Amii Larsen and I am a psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist. I have a Bachelor of Psychology (honours) and a masters degree in Mental Health Sciences. To become a registered psychologist I completed two years on the job training. This means that while I have done the classroom study, I have a lot of practical experience that only comes from working with real people. In 2015 I trained with the South Australian Society of Hypnosis to become a hypnotherapist. I also travelled to Victoria to learn equine assisted therapy at the Equine Psychotherapy Institute.

For the past eight years I have been a therapist for the world renowned Statewide Gambling Therapy Service. I provided psychological therapy to people with gambling addiction and the many problems that go along with that. I also have years of experience treating anxiety disorders, depression and other related difficulties.

My approach to therapy is all about you. I tailor treatment to suit your needs and provide the best options to help you achieve your goals. You are the expert when it comes to the challenges you may be experiencing, and I am here to offer new insights and tools to help you move forward.

Overcoming life’s challenges

SevenEight Psychology was born out of a long journey of hard work, dedication and passion for helping others. The name came from the proverb ‘fall down seven times, stand up eight’, which I feel sums up my journey in becoming a psychologist. I also feel that this describes the journey of many people who are seeking some support and guidance to improve their mental health and well-being.

SevenEight Psychology is about building resilience and helping you overcome life’s challenges. Sometimes when we fall down, we can just get back up and carry on. Other times, we can do it with support from our friends and family. And then there are times when working through things on your own just isn’t quite enough – and that’s where I can help.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, sad or just feel that you aren’t able to be your best self, SevenEight Psychology might be for you. Perhaps you have experienced trauma, grief or addiction and want to get back to living life on your terms. For people who just want to take their well-being to the next level, I offer personal growth and development, and quit smoking options. If this sounds like you, please give me a call and we can talk about how I can help.


There are various services available at SevenEight Psychology. I have trained in several different psychological therapies in order to provide the best possible treatment for my clients.

Equine Assisted Therapy

I have loved horses since I was a little girl, something which stayed with me into adulthood. I am so excited to be able to bring horses into therapy as they are such wonderful healers and teachers. ‘Guided by Horses’ is the equine assisted therapy arm of SevenEight Psychology. My herd of five horses act as co-therapists, and treatment follows the Equine Psychotherapy Institute model. See the Guided by Horses website for more information for clients and referring practitioners.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is said to be the gold standard treatment approach for many problems, particularly anxiety and depression. CBT works by addressing unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving, which in turn changes the way you feel. There are many different strategies we can use which fall under the banner of CBT, all of which teach you new skills which you can use in the future.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

There is a lot more to hypnotherapy than what you may have seen on TV. Hypnosis is a completely natural, focused state of attention. Most people go in and out of hypnosis many times during the day, such as the times when you leave the house and don’t remember locking the door. If you ever go back to check, you will usually find that you did indeed lock it, however in an altered state of awareness your mind was somewhere else. Most commonly people have heard of hypnotherapy to stop smoking, which is definitely a service I offer. Many people do not realise that hypnotherapy is also a helpful therapy to address anxiety, depression, grief and loss, eating problems and chronic pain, to name a few. It is a very versatile treatment option that most people find to be a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Guided by Horses

Guided by Horses is SevenEight Psychology’s equine assisted therapy and learning program. It is available on its own or can be used with any of the other therapies I offer. For over 30 years I have known the healing power of horses. For many, horses embody strength, beauty, power and freedom. They are highly sensitive and intuitive, and being in their presence can be inspiring.


Hypnosis is a natural, focussed state of attention. People go in and out of trance many times per day without thinking anything of it. Recall a time when you have left the house only to get down the road and wonder if you locked the door or turned off the iron. Most of the time you would discover that you did, you just don’t remember it because your conscious mind was focussed on something else . This is what happens in hypnosis.

Most people’s experience of hypnosis is limited to what they have seen or heard related to stage hypnosis shows, or knowing that it can be used to stop smoking. I could not tell you the number of times people have asked me ‘will you make me cluck like a chicken?’ While this is said in jest, I feel that stage hypnosis shows have created a level of worry or concern that prevents some people from accessing hypnotherapy as a treatment option. This is unfortunate because many people could benefit from hypnotherapy if they felt safe to give it a go. Below is some information about hypnosis and hypnotherapy that I hope gives you the confidence to experience it for yourself.

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