Shaguntala Sangarapillay

Shaguntala Sangarapillay

Jandakot WA 6164

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Kinesiology/muscle monitoring enables the client to understand their patterns of behaviour and with this insight, effectively make positive new choices and changes.

Shaguntala Sangarapillay

Why do a do what I do?

Because in 1999 I had a kinesiology consultation on the Gold Coast - it was for the remaining lingering effects of a head injury. I left the consultation feeling so much better and the next weekend I attended my first kinesiology workshop.  Since then I have been on a journey of discovery and healing. I am not perfect but I was able to help many people in ways I never knew I could. I have an addiction and it is to help people make the changes they want for their lives.

Does your life challenge you?

  • Do you have stress at workplace or at home? 
  • Do you like your boss?
  • Do you have problems in your relationships? 
  • Do you constantly forget things you need to do 
  • Are you unable to concentrate on your tasks? 
  • Have you lost your motivation?
  • Are you stuck in your fears and phobias?
  • Do you suffer from physical pain?
  • Do you have problems sleeping? 

You can easily let go of your past and start living in your bright future today.               

Kinesiology uses natural biofeedback (muscle testing):

  • to evaluate your specific stressors
  • to access your innate resources which you use to
  • create better neurological options for your brain

As a result of a kinesiology consultation:

  • you start to respond instead of reacting to the challenges in your life
  • create solutions
  • achieve your goals
  • achieve your desires
  • feel better
  • live joyfully

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Shaguntala Sangarapillay