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Move from the Stressed Zone to the Healing Zone.

Spinal Flow is an Incredibly fast and effective way to help you heal and feel amazing in your body again.


Shakti Spinal Flow

I am passionate about Healing.

I know what it feels like to try everything to just feel better.

I KNOW the body can Heal, it was made that way!

Spinal Flow Identifies and Releases layer of Physical, Chemical and Emotional Tension, resulting in ease coming into the body.

The quickest way to Heal the Body, is to go to the Brain. The fastest way to the Brain is through Access Points that connect to the Nervous System and speak to the brain.

When we influence the Nervous System, we make massive amounts of change.


Energy Medicine is a beautiful gentle approach to bringing the bodies energies into balance to effect positive change to the body's health and for emotional well-being 

Qualification details

Certified Practitioner Spinal Flow
Diploma Eden Energy Medicine

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