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Looking for a natural way to maintain your health?
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Vitalis Health - DoTerra Essential Oils

Why Should You Give DoTerra Essential Oils a Try?

DoTerra essential oils are a completely natural way for you to maintain your health. A lot of health supplements out there claim to be natural, but with DoTerra you get exaclty what you expect - a quality and 100% natural product. Using only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils, DoTerra Oils are ranked high against the certified organic standards.

What Makes DoTerra Essential Oils Different?

One of the great things about DoTerra essential oils is that they are scientifically proven to kill bacteria and viruses, something that even antibiotics have a hard time with. To make it even better, these oils don’t come with the side effects of drug based treatments which make them safe enough to be used by people of all ages - even Children & the Elderly.

Which Oils Are Available?

There are many individual essential oils as well as essential oil blends that are available in the DoTerra Essential Oil range. You can choose from one of the various packages we have created specifically for the Digestive system or for the Endocrine system, or you can choose an Oil pack that can help with weight loss. All packages are balanced ayurvedically. Each of these packages have wonderful benefits for maintaining optimum health and vitality, so why not give us a call or visit our website to find the best Essential Oils for your needs.

For more information about any of the professional Essential Oils we stock or to discuss the best oils for your needs, just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below to send her a message instantly


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