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Sharon Lindner - Herbalist | Bowen Therapist

Sharon Lindner

Family Health & Wellness, OTP House, Suite 15, Level 2
10 Bradford Cl
Kotara NSW 2289

Servicing area: New South Wales

Sharon Lindner - Herbalist | Bowen Therapist

I have a special interest in gut and bowel health. I enjoy working with food intolerances, helping many to find what they can eat.

Sharon Lindner

About Sharon

Hello there, my name is Sharon Linder and I am a Newcastle based Medical Herbalist. My journey started in my grandparent’s backyard, with many chickens to chase and eggs to collect.  From planting seeds, helping in the veggie garden, and then eating what was grown I was hooked on everything natural. It was here that I learnt the skill of being able to grow my own food and to forage for the correct foods such as wild mushrooms and berries.

My childhood and teenage years were spent in the sixties and seventies and this meant spending a significant amount of time outside. I grew up with cats and dogs and was fortunate enough to drink fresh milk from “Daisy” our goat who lived in our backyard. In the early nineties I began my studies in Herbal Medicine, my passion for plants and their healing energies grew and flourished, I knew I had found my true passion in life.

My Qualifications

    • Bachelor Health Science
    • Dip Herbal Medicine (Herbalist)
    • Dip Medical Science
    • Dip Iridology
    • Natural Fertility Management
    • Nutrition
    • I am a current member of ANTA and NHAA

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