PrimeTuning of Cellular Vibrations and Bowen Therapy Sharron Rooney

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Primetuning of Cellular Vibrations identifys and instructs the cells to release the body from emotional tension and pain. It is a direct conversation with the cells. 

Bowen Therapy to releases muscular tension and pain.

Both modalities are uniquley Austrailian. 

PrimeTuning of Cellular Vibrations and Bowen Therapy Sharron Rooney




Self Awareness Workshops

    • Relationships Workshop : 

With PrimeTuning discover how to share yourself with the people unhindered by the emotions that would cause chaos in your relationships. 3 hours

    • Parents and Carers Workshop 

Using PrimeTuning discover how to transform your children’s emotions and stress. Release what would hinder your children, of all ages, in their home, their studies and friendships. They can then move forward with freedom and grow in their own truth. 3hours


Accredited Training Course IEHA

Level 1 is a 2 day workshop where you will
• Develop the skill of muscle testing.
• Learn about the Energy Anatomy of the Earth and the body systems.
• Learn how to stress release the body from belief systems for your family and friends.

Level 2 is a 2 day workshop
• Using your skill of muscle testing to balance the aspects of the Human Spirit.
• Balance the physical body systems and the organs.
• Learn when to use Specific stress releases and meditations.

Level 3 is a 3 day workshop where you will learn

• To balance the Anatomy of the Soul
• Work with the Brain Functions that service the soul.
• Learn to find any recommendations that will support the body for its healing.
• This level can be used in a current practice.

    • Level 4 teacher training 
    • Practitioner support as required 



Course Information

    • Each course level and workshops come with comprehensive Manuals.
    • Information in all courses is particular to PrimeTuning of Cellular Vibrations.
    • Each Level is a stepping stone to the next, travelling deeper into the body mind and soul via the cells
    • Elaine Croker is the founder .of PrimeTuning of Cellular Vibrations
    • The course is an accredited course with the International Energetic Healing Association


Contact Sharron: 0407 287 005

Qualification details

Facilitator for PrimeTuning of Cellular Vibration
Diploma in Bowen Therapy AMBAA 9217
Registered Practitioner Bach Flowers
Aromatherapy certification
Tissue salts consultant

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PrimeTuning of Cellular Vibrations and Bowen Therapy Sharron Rooney