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Shauna Ashewood

Shauna Ashewood

Semaphore SA 5019

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Your Practitioner Shauna is a Naturopath & Medical Herbalist with 24 years experience specialising in women & children's health, immunity & autoimmune disease & cancer support. Shauna is passionate about the healing power of herbal medicine & natural remedies. She has had a long term interest in menopause and cancer.

Shauna Ashewood - Naturopathy

Servicing area

City & Semaphore , South Australia

Focus areas

Reduce inflammation Chronic health issues Mineral balance Anxiety Stress Management Bloating

Your consultation

takes into account your health history, current condition and will utilise iris diagnosis &/or Vega testing. You may also be asked about your lifestyle and the other influences on your health.

Shauna is also keen to see your recent blood tests & may order or conduct further tests on site.
You may be blood tested on site for hormone levels, levels of stress, levels of inflammation and markers of autoimmune activity.
Other tests such as those for digestive function and food intolerances may be ordered.

Your treatment

An individual prescription is then formulated, along with personal dietary & lifestyle advice. Shauna will chose from the modality that best suits your recovery. This could be herbal medicine, homeopathy, Bach Flowers or nutritional medicine.

Her modalities

Herbal Medicine is one of the earliest forms of medicine utilising the remarkable properties of plants to change the dynamics of illness and disease. Herbal medicines are prescribed these days on the basis of thousands of years of accumulated traditional knowledge along with modern scientific evidence.
Herbs are particularly good for women’s hormonal problems, digestion, respiratory and immune system problems as well as chronic illness.

Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine that utilises the energy of plants, minerals and other natural substances to correct the imbalances that give rise to illness.
Homeopathy works particularly well for children, is palatable and has minimal risk of side effects. It is also very helpful in chronic illness.

Nutritional Medicine uses dietary supplements at therapeutic doses to aid healing, reduce inflammation and encourage repair in the body. It includes diet and special diets that assist repair and detoxification.


Vegatesting uses an electrodermal screening technique to detect food intolerances, states of depletion, and imbalances in organ and hormonal systems. It is particularly helpful for digestive problems.

Iris diagnosis interprets patterns in the iris that are suggestive of weakness (and strengths!) in the body.

Point of Care testing Depending on a persons clinical picture, on site fingerprick blood tests may be utilised to test for menopause, adrenal fatigue, thyroid status, haemaglobin, diabetes risk and inflammation.

The Food Detective Test is an onsite blood test of IgG food intolerance (54 foods) that is conducted on site with results in one hour.

Further testing Standard pathology tests such as Iron Studies and Multiple Biochemical Analysis from Healthscope may be ordered if needed, as well as private Functional Pathology tests.

Functional Pathology tests are private pathology tests that can give very beneficial additional information about food allergies, digestive function, parasites, liver toxicity and hormonal profiles.

Hair Mineral Analysis tests for minerals, mineral balances and toxic metals such as mercury and cadmium.

Did You Know?

• There are herbs that specifically help the body adjust to higher stress levels.
• Nutrition is the factor most implicated in chronic disease that we can influence.
• Naturopathy and herbal medicines can help you recover from chemotherapy treatments.

Shauna is at Therapia Thursday to Saturday & at Semaphore Tuesday & Wednesday.

Health Fund rebates are available for most major Health Funds.

Business Hours

We're open 3 days.







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