Shaun Resnik

Shaun Resnik

73 Whitmuir rd
Mckinnon VIC 3204

Servicing area: Caulfield South & McKinnon VIC

Start your journey to excellent health with Shaun’s holistic methods.

Hypnotherapy, NLP, Naturopathy, TFT, ACT & Homeopathy

Benefit From the Miracles of Natural Health Remedies 

Shaun Resnik is a natural healthcare provider in Caulfield South VIC, who specialises in naturopathy, hypnotherapy, NLP, TFT and mindfulness.

He treats all kinds of physical and mental health issues and enables his clients to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. 


Break old negative behaviour patterns and shift your limiting beliefs to supportive ones in order to live the life you desire. Hypnosis allows you to do exactly that. It’s a type of therapy that puts you in a relaxed and receptive state to activate your unconscious mind and reprogram it with positive ideas of yourself.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy
  • Helps you overcome unhealthy habits
  • Resolves feelings of being stuck in an unpleasant situation
  • Assists in smoking cessation
  • Treats addictions
  • Helps you achieve your ideal weight

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP helps you release negative emotions that are attached to your past experiences. Unlike ‘analysis paralysis’, a therapy process which involves analysing your childhood  for years to the point of trapping you in your past and severe boredom, NLP immediately and effectively produces a positive outcome.

Benefits of NLP
  • Produces effective results immediately
  • Shifts your values and belief system
  • Helps you create positive emotions
  • Develops a positive mindset
  • Releases emotional baggage
  • It won’t bore you to death


Naturopathy recognises the unique requirements of each person’s body to stay in tiptop condition. As a professional naturopath, Shaun provides personalised consultation to help each client identify their specific needs through different tests such as hair and nail examination, tongue analysis, zinc testing and iridology, just to name a few.

He collaborates with other naturopaths and medical practitioners to achieve the best results for his patient. 

Benefits of Naturopathy
  • Increases your immunity
  • Manages your weight
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Sets a positive mindset
  • Improves your health and wellbeing

Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Developed by Roger Callahan Ph.D. more than 25 years ago, TFT releases the negative emotions you’ve been hoarding for ages. This healing system involves clearing of the energy pathways to treat the underlying causes of your emotional issues, which could range from phobia and trauma to anxiety and grief, to guilt and anger.

Benefits of TFT
  • Treats psychological disorders
  • Eliminates anxiety and other negative emotions
  • Promotes happiness

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT is a type of mindfulness therapy that teaches you how to respond to negative thoughts and emotions rather than ignore them. In doing so, you reprogram your psychological world and allow your mind to support your goals instead of working against them.

In an ACT therapy session, you will learn how to diffuse negative thoughts associated with past events in your life so that they don’t affect you anymore. Your mind will also be trained to live in the present moment and bask in all its gifts rather than focus on what has been.

Benefits of ACT
  • Shifts negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Helps you face and move past unpleasant thoughts
  • Heightens your awareness of the present moment
  • Enables you to observe how your brain processes your thoughts and emotions
  • Reconnects you with your values
  • Gives you the ability to take action and improve your life 


Homeopathy is an age-old modality that activates the body’s inherent power to heal itself. It is based on the concept that a substance which produces symptoms of a disease in a healthy person can also be used to treat the same symptoms in a sick person.

Several of my clients have expressed their interest in this modality because of its efficacy in improving their health without any adverse effect. Homeopathy continues to grow in popularity in Europe, India and the USA where the number of homeopathic hospitals has mushroomed.  

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