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Shaun Resnik

73 Whitmuir Rd
Mckinnon VIC 3204

Servicing area: Caulfield South, Mckinnon, Victoria

Shaun Resnik
Neuro Linguistic Programming - Hypnotherapy - Throught Field Therapy. No Matter What Habit You'd Like To Get Over, Shaun Can Help You Achieve Your Goals.

Shaun Resnik - NLP, Hypnotherapy & Thought Field Therapy


What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), is a powerful modality which analyses human behaviour and communication. It provides us with the tools we need to successfully manage our emotional states and behaviours.

Since its development by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, amongst others, in the 1970’s, it has provided people with the tools and techniques, that are phenomenally powerful in assisting them to create positive and lasting transformation.

What Does Shaun Do?

By utilising the powerful techniques that make up NLP, Shaun will help you discover what strategies are holding you back in your life. We run our lives using strategies, in fact everything we do, involves the use of strategies, we even have a strategy for brushing our teeth or driving a car. It therefore makes sense that we eliminate or change any strategies that are not moving us toward our desired goals.

Shaun will help you discover these and together we can bring about powerful changes in your life that will open you up to the possibility of great personal breakthroughs.


Shaun also uses hypnosis to powerfully help you overcome addictions as well as change any limiting beliefs that you may be holding onto on an unconscious level. Even weight loss is made so much easier after a session of hypnosis, where Shaun will communicate directly to your unconscious mind, instilling positive beliefs about healthy eating and weight reduction.

Shaun offers Smoking cessation through Hypnosis in a once off session. His specialized training and natural ability to help you go into hypnosis will completely change the way you see cigarettes and help you break the habit once and for all. Have a read below and see what people are saying about his one off STOP SMOKING HYPNOSIS session.


I contacted Shaun Resnik about stopping smoking on the advice of my personal trainer. He told me of Shaun's 100% success rate with his clients quitting smoking. I was certainly ready to make the move as my health was being affected by the smokes. Speaking to Shaun helped me clarify that I was ready and he reassured me that together we could do it.

I went to the session with Shaun feeling nervous and a bit curious. What would the session involve? What could he possibly do in a 90-minute consultation that would bring about such a profound change in my behaviour?

The answer was simple. The techniques were fun and enlightening and the hypnosis was totally relaxing and the best bit was that it was easy, I was expecting it to be hard.

And has it worked? Yes. I left Shaun's practice a non-smoker and haven't had a cigarette since. I can even be around other smokers and not feel the desire to have one. I was expecting cravings to be a problem afterwards but I wasn't tempted to go back. It has all been remarkably easy and stress free.

In addition to Shaun's session I did two things, I announced my status on facebook with weekly updates on how I was going and I installed an excellent iphone app that informs you how much money you have saved. As of today I have saved $2491.00.

I'm proud to say that at least one friend stopped smoking as a result of me stopping. The improvement to my health has been incredible. When I smoked, I would be lucky to be able to run 2km. On Sunday I completed a 15km run, which I backed up with a long cycle ride. The nagging cough is gone my skin is no longer pallid and my clothes no longer smell.

I had been ready to make this change in my life for a long time but was afraid to try. Shaun Resnik held the key to achieving my goal. I thoroughly recommend his 1.5-hour session, it’s been life changing.

Andrew Boyle, Melbourne

As a heavy smoker for near on 20 years I went to see Shaun to quit smoking in a last desperate attempt. I had tried it all - nicotine patches, the Champix pill - nothing stuck!! I went to the hypnosis and was amazed at the results. I have not smoked a cigarette since and I know I will never go back to it. The tools Shaun gave me in my session I will keep for a lifetime. I can honestly recommend hypnosis as the best and most successful way to stop smoking for good!!
Thanks for everything Shaun!

Helen Kaynes, Melbourne

My name is Michael Harris & I started smoking at the ripe young age of 14 years old.. I'm now 30 years old and HATED being addicted to such a disgusting habit which was smoking.. since I've been 18 years old I've always worked in clubs, venues & events and am always out for dinners or social gatherings..

I had tried everything, patches, champix which I found as the second best, nicotine gum, fake cigarettes, you name it, I'd tried to quit with it.. I was at the end of my tether- smoking 10-15 cigs a day & was recommended to go and see Shaun by a work colleague to undergo hypnotherapy..

That was January 8th 2014..
just one easy 1.5 hour session with Shaun was all it took!

Since then, I have not touched a cigarette and I can safely say & assure you that I will NEVER for the rest of my life ever try or touch a cigarette ever again.. Like anything in life, you need to want something to be able to achieve it, with that "need" to quit, along with being hypnotized by Shaun I can safely say I will never ever touch another cigarette ever again whilst I'm breathing on this earth..

I highly recommend Shaun & his specialised Hypnotherapy Session.. I am so so thankful that I made the choice to quit and thank Shaun till this day for all of his help!!


Michael Harris, Melbourne

I am now one of those proud people and able to say that I am now an ex smoker as well. I have recently visited Shaun and used his fantastic session to my advantage.
I made the decision that 2014 was going to be my year for my health/fitness and well being. I have been smoking since I was 16 and now I'm over 35. I have a lot of friends that smoke and both my flatmates smoke and since meeting with Shaun I have been able to watch them in disgust now.
I highly recommend Shaun to anyone that wants to quit smoking, he is totally worth it.

Sam O'Neil, Melbourne

I was a smoker for about 26 years... I had been trying on/off for about 5 years but just always seemed to find an excuse to keep going. It is now nearly 9 weeks since I had a sesh with Shaun and I am so blown away (and relieved !) that smoking is no longer part of my life. It is just an amazing feeling. Thank you Shaun so very much for giving me a wonderful new happy direction in life. I am so confident of Shauns work that I am sending my partner down to see Shaun to hypnotise him to clean the house properly.

Craig Holland, Sydney

I had smoked for 20 years and tried hypnotherapy in the past to quit a few times with no success and I wasn't 100% sure it would work this time.

Shaun came highly recommended and I’m so glad I kept the appointment. Unlike the previous hypnosis I'd tried, Shaun’s session was suitably tailored to my personal situation and I truly believe this played a big part in my quitting cigarettes immediately.
It was the easiest “quit” I've ever attempted and since the session I've not been tempted even once to pick up another cigarette. I was also scared I'd put on weight afterwards and I'm happy to say that my weights remained unchanged:-)
I would happily recommend Shaun to anyone wanting to conquer their demons through hypnotherapy.

Shane Hunter, Melbourne

I had been trying to stop smoking for years and had failed miserably each time- That is until I heard of the amazing work Shaun does. My close friend and colleague passed on his details to a few of us at work, after he had successfully treated her for smoking. She raved about him and the hypnosis. I know how heavily she smoked, so I knew if he had helped her, he'd be the man to call!!
Although nervous, I was excited to give it a go for myself..
I was smoking a packet a day and had been for 20 years and I absolutely loved my cigarettes. I wanted desperately to stop because I have a gorgeous family with young kids and I really want to be healthy for them. The thought of leaving them prematurely was enough for me to make the decision to see Shaun..
The result has been nothing short of remarkable, I walked away like a new woman and I am proud to say that its been several months now and I am a non- smoker and am confident that I never will never pick up the dirty habit again..
My husband is so proud of me, my lungs feel so good and it's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders:)
Thank you Shaun, the work you do is life changing.

Samantha Cohen, Melbourne

In November I made the decision to call Shaun for hypnotherapy to become a non smoker. The appointment was made for the same week so no opportunity for second thoughts. I was completely at ease during the session, and left the consultation a non smoker. Even with the summer festive events, other smokers around and usual triggers, I never even thought to return to smoking and after 8 MONTHS am still smoke free today. Thanks Shaun!

Pete McKenzie

12 wks ago I made the decision to try hypnotherapy to quit smoking. After a successful consultation with Shaun Resnik I am smoke free and feel great! Thanks Shaun for making this possible as I couldn't not have done it with out you.Looking forward to a much healthier lifestyle and future!

Pete Landini

18 months ago, I made the decision to quit smoking and contacted Shaun. I had heard through various friends that he was "The Man" to see as they had heard rave reviews about how he was able to get people to quit smoking through hypnotherapy. At the time I was desperate to quit. I had attempted a few times before but nothing worked for long. Here I am one and a half years later and I have not even been tempted to smoke once! It's amazing! I'm in my 40's and i started smoking as a teenager, so I had a long history of smoking up to 15 cig's for most of my life. I desperately wanted to quit because I have 2 beautiful kids and I want to be happy and healthy for them. Also my husband had recently had a stroke and I knew that I had to get my health right, for my kids' sake. The session was really easy and we had a heap of laughs too. Since then I have seen Shaun for other things and his treatments have been nothing short of brilliant. I can't recommend him any more highly- Thanks Shaun

Mandy Ofole

6 months ago I went and visited Shaun and asked him to help me with two problems I'd been battling for 30 years. One was to give up smoking. The other my absolute fear of public speaking. Well I haven't had a cigarette in nearly 6 months and Friday night whilst at my school 30 year reunion when they asked if someone would like to get up onstage and talk I suddenly found myself on the dias. Now it probably wasn't a very good speech and to be honest I don't even remember what I said, but the fact that I did it in front of what was probably the audience subconsciously I feared the most, well its spinning me out a bit. Anyway if anyone out there in Melbourne wants to quit smoking or deal with some other things I'd be happy to pass on Shaun's details. Note to self though, always better to have something prepared when public speaking.

Peter Murphy


Do you want to live the life you love?
Are you sick and tired of having your life plagued by negative thoughts?
Do you or a loved one experience anxiety, stress, excessive feelings of anger or guilt?
Do you have fears or phobias that limit your everyday life?
Do you simply want to break through the emotional baggage that has been keeping you down and preventing you from living out your full potential?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above, then Thought Field Therapy will truly excite you!!

What Is Thought Field Therapy?

TFT is one of the most powerful therapies you will ever experience. It is quick, effective and has a success rate of 80%. Children love the technique too! It is so effective that many psychiatrists and psychologists around the world are turning to TFT to help their patients.

TFT is an emotional healing therapy developed over 25 years ago by Roger Callahan Ph.D., a leading American clinical research psychologist. He took the principle of meridians, or energy pathways and developed a systematic set of techniques for the treatment of emotional problems.

By directly addressing the energy flows established by your thoughts, you can quickly end the longstanding and often overwhelming negative effects these thoughts have on your body and mind.

What Does Shaun Do?

Shaun utilises this powerful therapy in his practice to successfully treat and eliminate anxiety, fears, phobias, stress and feelings of guilt, rage, anger, depression, trauma, grief and obsession.

Shaun has been trained by Eugene Piccinotti, himself trained by the founder of Thought Field Therapy (TFT).

Getting Over Adictions

Do you smoke?
Are you addicted to alcohol/ medications?

The thought of quitting an addiction can often be a very frightening concept for people. How would you feel if you were told to 'STOP' smoking or drinking alcohol? To 'GIVE UP' eating biscuits, cakes or fattening foods?

Research shows that most people are afraid to give up the addictive behaviour, often due to previously failed attempts and because it seems too hard, however, people are willing to give up their addictive urges. Wouldn’t you welcome the fact that you could reduce your urge to smoke, drink or over-eat by simply using a technique unique to Thought Field Therapy.

If it meant that your urge to engage in addictive behaviours could be drastically reduced, you would no longer have to worry about the “giving up” part of the addiction but simply experience the diminishing of your urge to partake in the addiction.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

Qualification Details

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Homeopathy)
  • Diploma of Health Science (Nutrition)
  • Diploma of Health Science (Herbal Medicine)
  • Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Hypnosis Qualification
  • Member of ANTA

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