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Ruth Howard Art Therapy, Shiatsu and Kinesiology Hobart

Ruth Howard

8 Oakley St
New Town TAS 7008

Servicing area: New Town & Hobart TAS

Ruth Howard Art Therapy, Shiatsu and Kinesiology Hobart

Free 15 mins Consultation. NO ART SKILLS REQUIRED! Through Sensorimotor Art Therapy,  Guided Drawing (no art experience, as we do not draw pictures!), Sand Play (a sand box), or 'Work at the Clayfield' (Clay or play dough) you clear old pain, stored memories, heal emotions & mental states, so that chronic illness heals!

Art Therapy Psychotherapy & Distance Art Psychotherapy

About Ruth Howard

Welcome to Ruth Howard Art Therapy, Shiatsu and Kinesiology in Hobart, Tasmania. I’ve been an intuitive energy healer for more than 30 years.

What is Art Therapy Psycotherapy? 

Art Therapy is used to clear/heal difficult memories, trauma, fear, worry, anxiety, regret, guilt, anger and grief. Any associated chronic ill health symptoms significantly clear. 

NO ART KNOWLEDGE IS REQUIRED. We are not drawing pictures, but clearing physical mental emotional health issues. 

During a 60 minute therapy session, Ruth teaches you Sensorimotor Trauma Informed Psycotherapeutic tools such as Guided Drawing or Sandplay or Clayfield Therapy work to clear your mind of anxieties, worries, fears and illness. During the session Ruth guides you how to heal yourself! You will be able to use this therapy on your own once you feel confident. Art Therapy Psychotherapy will clear significant health problems. Ruth is available ongoingly for guidance via phone, video conferencing or email. 

Book an appointment to meet in Hobart or to receive distance healing via Zoom/Skype from the comfort of your own home.

Qualification Details

BA Fine Art (Hons)
Diploma Education
Dip Shiatsu Ryoho Functional Therapy
Cert IV Trainer
Cert Macrobiotics
Cert Fields of Holistic Health
Cert Initiatic Art Therapy

Service Categories

Trauma Informed Art Therapy 'Work at the Clayfield' Psychotherapy Hobart Guided Drawing Art Therapy Psychotherapeutic Intervention for Mental & Physical Health, Ruth Howard Hobart Ruth Howard Art Therapy Hobart, Sandplay