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Ruth Howard Art Therapy, Shiatsu and Kinesiology Hobart

Ruth Howard

8 Oakley St
New Town TAS 7008

Servicing area: New Town & Hobart TAS

Ruth Howard Art Therapy, Shiatsu and Kinesiology Hobart

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Distance Kinesiology Etherapy available. 0448043652

Kinesiology Biofeedback Treatment

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology, physically, emotionally, mentally clears stress and sickness, in the body through energetic muscle/meridian biofeedback response. 

How Does Kinesiology Work?

Working primarily in the musculo skeletal, nervous systems, and meridian systems, the practitioner uses kinesiology as a muscle/meridian response biofeedback protocol that lets your body tell the practitioner where stress occurs, what caused the stress, and what type of correction/solution/modality is needed for the body to return to balance.

Meridians (connected to acupressure points and chakras) are really the glands biofeedback response. The stimulation of and healing of the glands in the body are significant for the improvement of one’s health, as these glands are our endocrine, immune, nervous systems, brain and organs, almost all of which secrete hormones, profoundly influencing our mind and mood. Kinesiology really understands the glandular and the muscular response for healing and clearing stress and sickness. 

Most imbalances in the body—physical pain, illness, depression, anxiety or learning problems—are caused by stress. Stress can be defined as a decrease in normal functioning of a muscle or an organ, or in a behavior or state of being. In other words, our homeostasis is disrupted when we are stressed out.

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Qualification Details

BA Textile Design Fine Art (Hons) Graduate Diploma Education Dip Shiatsu Ryoho Functional Therapy Kinergetics RESET (TMJ Jaw Grinding/Flight flight response clearing) Cert IV Trainer Cert Macrobiotics Cert Fields of Holistic Health Cert Initiatic Art Therapy Reiki Master

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