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Shine Health Wellbeing Centre - Counselling Services

At Shine Health Wellbeing Centre we specialise in addressing deeply held concerns that bring about stress in life. Our Body Mind Counselling sessions provide real solutions and techniques to get you back on track with your life, your relationships and your health.

As the body and mind are constantly in communication with one another and share similar physiological and bio-chemical language, your mental health or mind can affect how healthy your body is and as we know your physical health can impact on your mental state. All the experiences you have encountered, bad or good, sad, happy, traumatic, fearful, ecstatic or highly memorable in any way are kept in not just your memory (subconscious mind) but are also held in the nervous system (physiology). This body mind connection with your past, present and future will either assist you or hinder you in your life. Hence, all of your feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs can negatively or positively affect your behaviour and biological functioning. Your mind affects how healthy your body is.

During your session your practitioner will utilize a host of techniques such as NLP, EFT, hypnosis, visualisation and popular psychology to aid you in releasing old hurts, limiting beliefs and behaviours as well as help you bring new awareness and possible solutions to your current problems and dilemmas.

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