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SHYNE Wellness transforms and improves peoples lives through Counselling, Life Coaching, Reiki and Mindfulness Meditation for all ages. We inspire people to perform to their full potential and to live an extraordinary life. We are dedicated to changing the world to a more harmonious, compassionate and peaceful place. Our Trainers and Coaches inspire you to live the life you deserve. Our broad range of services cover every aspect of human behaviour beginning from old spiritual and philosophical teachings to modern day psychology, neuroscience and quantum physics. Be prepared to come on an amazing journey with us here at SHYNE Wellness!


Poli is a multi talented Practioner and Trainer and is skilled in many varied areas of human behaviour. As an international Life Coach/Counsellor/Reiki Master and Trainer she has helped thousands of people achieve success in their business and personal life. Poli is passionate about human behaviour through her personal study and life long experiential journey of psychology, psychosomatics, ancient philosophy, science, religions and spirituality. Her educational training gives her the ability to listen and coach clients through their problems in a way that they feel empowered and inspired. As a well known International Life Coach Poli is also an accredited Mindfulness Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner/Trainer, Hypnotherapist, A.C.T Therapist, Counsellor, Meditation Instructor, Personal Trainer, Emotional Intelligence, D.I.S.C Consultant, Archetype Coach, Intuitive Healer, Business Coach, Reiki Master/Trainer, Time Line Therapist and Discover The Gift Trainer. Poli is also a student of Tibetan Buddhism and is a member of Friends Of Dalai Lama In Australia support group.

Qualification details

Qualifications: Counselling Certified NLP Practitioner Certified NLP Master Practitioner Certified NLP Trainer Certified Master Life Coach D.I.S.C Consultant Archetype Coach Personal Trainer Time Line Therapist Reiki Master Certified Master Hypnotist Emotional Intelligence for Managers Advanced Diploma of Business Marketing Mindfulness Meditation Intuitive Healer Mentoring Coaching Diploma Recreation & Sport Counselling A.C.T Therapy Palmistry Face Reading

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