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Feel Renewed Via An Array of Massage Therapies:

Choose the perfect massage that will help you achieve the highest degree of rest and relaxation.

Siam Thai Massage Mosman

What Kinds of Massage Therapies Can You Get?

Remedial Massage

Help heal the aches and pains you feel in your body. Allow our expert massage therapists to apply the right amount of pressure to damaged, tensed, or immobile muscles. Do this to increase the circulation of blood and oxygen through affected tissues to promote healing.

Traditional Thai Massage

Restore your energy and reach a higher state of relaxation with traditional Thai massage techniques. This is a full-body treatment using rhythmic rocking and pressure point methods are used to improve energy flow in your body. This combination of physical and energy manipulation is what makes traditional Thai massage so effective.

Deep Tissue Massage

Help treat musculoskeletal injuries by having our experienced massage therapists apply slow and deep strokes to your muscle and connective tissues. This reduces muscle tension, breaks up scar tissue, and increases blood flow to reduce inflammation and promote faster healing.

Macadamia Oil Massage

Reduce stress through Thai massage that uses high-quality Jindilli macadamia massage oil that only us use in our area. This macadamia oil that is non-GMO and chemical-free with no additives delivers a smooth and flowing massage that relieves muscle tension.

AromaTouch Treatment

Enhance your overall wellness experience through the application of a blend of essential oils that provide comforting and relaxing effects. Simple hand techniques allow the oils to do their wonders for your body and allow you to reach a higher state of calmness.

Aromatherapy Add-on To Any Massage

Add aromatherapy to your massage treatment. Enhance the benefits of our massages with the best essential oils from around the world - Hawaiian sandalwood, French lavender, Egyptian frankincense, Italian white chamomile, and exclusive rare Melissa essential oil.

Premax Warming Sports Lotion Add-on To Any Massage

Feel the long-lasting yet moderately warming effects of Premax Sports Lotion. If you are a highly active individual, you will love the warmth to your sore or painful joints and muscles. While potent, this is very skin-friendly and has natural skin conditioning ingredients.

doTerra Fractionated Coconut Oil

Have your skin feeling silky smooth by adding doTerra fractionated coconut oil to essential oil blends. It works perfectly for dry or troubled skin as its feathery lotion-like effect adds a soothing barrier without clogging your pores. It also minimises skin sensitivity to essentials oils as it is all-natural.

Reva Magnesium Spray

Replenish depleted magnesium in your body by applying it directly to your skin. This is an excellent regimen if you do high-intensity workouts as magnesium depletion is a common occurrence. You can get the products we use here.

What Do Clients Have To Say?

“5-Star Service. I was blown away by the service, they went that extra mile to take care of you and make you feel welcome. Professional massage and nice finish with an organic herbal tea - 5-star rating from me!” - Arthur M.
“Thank you so much. If you haven't tried a couples massage, you should give it a go. Sometimes the stress in life gets to us all and sometimes all you need is a good massage to feel new again.”- Belinda S.
“This massage shop delivered. I had really bad cramps and they used a magnesium spray for my depleted muscles. I found it worked better than previous products I had tried and they used a range of sport lotions on my aching legs and feet and I can truthfully tell you I woke up today with no cramps but still sore from the walk but I will be going back there today.” - Hanny O.

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Qualification details

Diploma of remedial massage Certificate of first aid Traditional Thai massage certificate of training

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