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Siam Thai Massage

Tweed Heads NSW 2485

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Siam Thai massage is a locally owned and operated business taking pride in offering traditional authentic Thai massage & body treatments, where ancient eastern techniques are practised daily.

Siam Thai Massage

Focus areas

Circulation Wellbeing Pregnancy support Essential oils Stress Management Nervous system

Welcome to Siam Thai Massage

Located in the heart of Bay St, Tweed Heads, we invite you to de–stress and relax and unwind in the quiet ambience of Siam Thai surrounds while indulging in one of a diverse range of massage treatments. Our staff are trained and experienced in thai massage,  a legacy passed on from the Buddhist monasteries, thousands of years ago and are dedicated to offering only the best service and care to our clients.

About Thai Massage

Thai massage is a therapeutic technique adopting a natural, holistic approach to health, healing and overall well being. Only premium natural products are used in our treatments.

For those new to thai massage, we recommend our signature massage which incorporates elements of traditional thai and aromatherapy massage. Alternatively, you are welcome to choose from our wide range of inviting massage treatments.

Siam Thai is the perfect destination for anyone seeking relaxation, or to simply nurture their current state of well being. Make some time for yourself or a friend this week. Our cleints leave feeling healthier, happier and more relaxed with restored balance after our nourishing massage treatments.

Men Women & Couples are welcome and gift voucher are available daily.


30min $35  |  45min $50  |  60min $65  |  90min $95  |  120min $120

Thai massage is a gentle manipulation of your body along energy lines using hands, elbows and feet along with passive stretching to increase the bodies’ flexibility while balancing your natural energy system.

This will give you relief from muscular and joint tensions whilst stimulating your internal organs and rebalancing and aligning the skeletal structure naturally.

30min $35  |  45min $50  |  60min $65  |  90min $95  |  120min $120

A gentle form of massage used to apply therapeutic essential oils to your body. Relax tired and sore muscles, sooth the mind and enhance wellbeing.

30min $35  |  45min $50  |  60min $65  |  90min $95  |  120min $120

To restore good blood circulation, health and balance for the body. It works on the reflex areas of the feet that correspond with your internal organs.

30min $35  |  45min $50  |  60min $65  |  90min $95  |  120min $120

A more specific treatment to address imbalances within the musculoskeletal system. A range of techniques such as deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy.

30min $35  |  45min $50  |  60min $65

Using specific manual lifting and firming techniques to improve circulation, includes head-neck-shoulders massage. Definite relax

30min $35  |  45min $50  |  60min $65  |  90min $95  |  120min $120

Relieve specific aches and pains by flushing muscles of toxins, helps to recover from stiffness and soreness bringing wellness, a sense of relaxation and mobility to the client.

60min $80  |  90min $110  |  120min $150

Warmed stones placed just right to decongest the body and nervous system. thermogenics will ease pain and restore energy. This should leave you de-stressed and relieve aching and tiredness.

60min $80  |  90min $110  |  120min $150

This aromatic Thai herbal ball compress is a unique formula that combines various traditional Thai herbs, when heated , the compress releases natural, aromatic oils of the various herbs that soothe the tired body and mind. It is ideal for use with traditional Thai massage.

30min $35  |  45min $50

30min $35  |  45min $50

30min $35  |  45min $50  |  60min $65

30min $35  |  45min $50  |  60min $65

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