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Measurements of your physiology, bio-chemistry and body functions. We use devices that can screen and monitor changes in the body

Tests and Screening

See and Understand the Core of Your Health

Sydney Holistic & Cosmetic Medicine offers functional medicine in Annandale NSW, which focuses on prevention and identifying possible root cause of a health condition rather than just treating its symptoms. 

We use a variety of functional pathology tests which aim to determine the state of your health, DNA, hormones, and detect the possible presence of parasites, viruses, bacteria, and heavy metals.These tests are performed through blood ,urine,saliva, stool or hair.

  • Food intolerances/Sensitivies
  • Airborn allergies
  • Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis
  • Hormone Saliva and Urine Testing
  • DNA Gene Tests
  • Environmental toxins ie mold,parabens
  • Methylatin, MTHFR
  • Digestive issues

Our diverse screening tools allow us to evaluate and monitor the changes in your body, your biochemistry, and your body mechanics. They are not diagnostic but only informative .



Biomarker Levels

Want to know the age of your cells? Our practitioners will tell you and advise you on how to improve it using this system. It’s painless and accurately provides information on the following:

  • The ideal fat to muscle ratio that suits your body's frame
  • How much fat and muscle your body has
  • The quality of your muscle tissue
  • Hydration levels within and outside the cells
Urinalysis & PH Testing

Collecting and analysing your first urine in the morning will tell us the pH level of your body and whether you're acidic or alkaline. Through this procedure, we can also find out if there's blood, protein, nitrites, sugar and other elements present in your urine. 

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