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Total intuitive living is the goal for every Silva student.

The Silva Method Australia - Intuition System

The only thing that is standing between you and the total intuitive living is the resistance that exists within your mind.

Remove this resistance, and you will enter a higher level of decision making. As Silva puts it; intuitive living – which is the fundamental key to your success. Behind any feel good and success story, there is that amazing coincidence or lucky hunch. This inner awareness is the guiding energy that will direct you through life without missing a step. You can avoid the agony of indecision, fear or worry.

Can you imagine a life were you are able to…

    • Notice a “gut feeling” that can guide you in your career and business goals
    • Utilise higher intelligence to develop instant and lasting improvements to your relationships
    • Develop strong and accurate guidance to make important life decisions i.e. career changes, marriage, investments, etc.
    • Deal with the stress effectively and experience complete relaxation through meditation
    • Improve your learning capacity by freeing your mind

Results have shown that more than 97% of Silva students attain an astonishing level of intuition after only just 2 days of our intuition training.


    • Recognise and trust your inner voice
    • Mental Projection & Insight
    • Understand & Control Your Mind
    • Discover your Life Purpose
    • Assess Problems and Identify Blocks

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