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Does your animal suffer from anxiety, illness, injury or disease? Or do you want to provide your animal with a relaxation session? Your animal can benefit from Reiki. Reiki will help calm and relax your loved animal, which can assist in the body’s natural healing process and encourage a natural flow of energy in your pets body. Reiki is a non invasive energy healing modailty which makes it suitable for nervous, sick or injured animals. Reiki is also a lovely gift to give your pet in their final days as it encourages peace and relaxation.

I offer mobile onsite Reiki sessions for your pet. Please contact me find out more.

Suzie 0431 457 355


Animal Reiki


Reiki on animals involves the practitioner placing their hands lightly on or above specific points on the body and head (only if the animal feels comfortable). Larger animals can stand or lie and smaller animals can stand/lie or be held/ placed in the practioners lap where suitable. 

Each animal will have preferences for what feels comfortable so the sessions are flexible to suit the animals needs. A phone discussion prior to the session will help plan the best location in the home/property to conduct the session. Timing of the session is also important & this will also be covered in the phone call.

It is important to understand that whilst Reiki is calming, animals can react in different ways as animals are very open to the energy and may be stressed depending on their circumstances. During the session if the animal moves away or seems distressed, the Reiki can still be given from a distance. All of this is up to the animal and this needs to be respected as they can not tell us exactly what they are feeling. Often the animal will return to the practitioner for a more hands on Reiki once some distant Reiki is given.

* Reiki should not replace treatments from licensed health care professionals, but rather work in harmony with and complement such treatments

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