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How do YOU want to feel in your daily life? Despite the chaos & challenges that your daily life can sometimes bring, you can travel through your days feeling happy, calm, focused & grateful. At Simply For Now, you will be guided to take small, achievable steps that will help YOU on your mindfulness journey.

Along with cultivating calmess & happiness, Mindfulness brings many more rich rewards into your life including;

  • Improvement in communication skills
  • Acceptance of self
  • Compassion & love for yourself and others
  • Encouraging a positive mood & outlook on life
  • Increased self esteem
  • Improvement in your well being, mental health & physical health
  • Acceptance of people and situations 
  • Helping to regulate your emotions
  • Improving concentration and your mental clarity
  • Improving your memory
  • Decreasing your reaction to stressful situations and when stressful situations occur, accepting and recovering from them quicker and calmer
  • Accepting your circumstances and increasing resilience  

Simply Mindfulness

A quick reflection on mindfulness (from personal experience) - Being mindful leads us to be more positive, have a better mind state, accept ourselves as we are, accept our circumstances and always look for the lessons a situation can teach us. Being resilient relies upon choosing moods, thoughts and responses that serve us – being mindful enhances this. So, when faced with a challenging situation, being mindful gives us the tools to refrain from negativity, to not become overwhelmed or respond in fear or panic. Instead we remain positive despite the challenge, we adapt to the situation and accept the emotions we are feeling. By being mindful we cope with any negative thoughts that arise out of the situation in a calm manner, viewing them as just “thoughts” and letting them pass. Furthermore, being mindful enables us to take the difficult situation and search for meanings and lessons in that situation. If the situation involves a person or if the situation is a person (or ourselves), being mindful can help us respond to others and ourselves with kindness, understanding and compassion. This can help stop us holding onto anger & resentment which is important as holding onto these feelings can lead to depressed and anxious thoughts.

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Reiki I, II, IIIa Practitioner. Mindfulness Teacher. Animal & Equine Reiki Practitioner. University Bachelor Degree in Animal Science.

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