Sion Williams Naturopath

Soldiers Hill QLD 4825

Servicing area: Soldiers Hill, Mount Isa & Cloncurry QLD

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The time has come for us to return to a more natural health care approach.

Certified Australian Naturopath & Natural Medicine Practitioner

Get To Know Siôn

  • Certified Australian naturopath who has an innovative treatment method for healing 
  • Subscribes to Terrain Theory instead of the theory of germ which follows the diagnosis method of the body system instead of the concept of illness
  • Specialises in conditions that are chronic, terminal & end stage
  • Using specific dieting and lifestyle changes, its objective is to stop life-threatening conditions, enabling the body to regenerate and recover over time due to herbal medical protocols
  • Instead of treating symptoms, Siôn addresses underlying cause and system dysfunction. He does this mainly through the removal of cause factors and support of body 4 major elimination and detoxification channels. These include: urinating, defecating, perspiration, and expectoration

Siôn’s Journey Into Natural Medicine 

In the last few years of high school his path to natural medicine began. He was fortunate to be a student with work experience at Nature Care College in Sydney in 1995. Upon leaving school, he sought a construction traineeship that contributed to a 15-year career in underground mining.

He nearly died in June 2010 in a mining accident that caused a broken leg, an ugly head scar, an emergency medical ambulance to Brisbane Mater Hospital, and several operations. He was told he was lucky enough to keep his right leg, or he would limp forever. This made him change his point of view and the priorities of life, as you can see.

After pursuing fasting and detoxification, Sion converted to natural medicine in 2012 and, having been satisfied by his interpretation of these simple healing techniques, began to create a limited clientele and gradually took a leap into natural medicine.

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Sion Williams Naturopath