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Skylight Healing Therapies is a local business that is situated on the Sunshine Coast providing Bowen Therapy as the principal modality for effective relief from pain whilst encouraging and promoting balance, wellness, awareness and positive contributions to your mind, body and spirit.

About Skylight Healing Therapies

Welcome to Skylight Healing Therapies

One does not have to be sick or unwell to benefit from a Bowen session. It is an amazing way to assist the body to function at its optimal level.

Bowen Therapy has evolved from the need to reduce human suffering and chronic pain, both mentally and physically. Treatments are safe and gentle with a series of precise movements performed over tendons, muscles, nerve pathways and ligaments. These specific moves facilitates the connective tissues or fascia, releasing and enabling the body to re-balance itself.

Sports professionals from around the globe have been treated successfully with Bowen Techniques. Bowtech is being taught extensively in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and in North America and is continually spreading throughout the world.

About Susan

Susan is a Bowen Therapist who is passionate about holistic wellness. Her passion is based around natural healing and for 15 years Susan has been connected and associated with other likeminded professional, who all share a strong passion to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle for their clients.

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