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By learning the Buteyko Method people are able to overcome most asthma symptoms by using the breathing exercises. This enables a reduction in asthma reliever medication.

Buteyko Health & Breathing - Asthma, Allergies and Hay Fever

The Buteyko Breathing Method took off in the 1990s in Australia for the treatment and management of asthma. The premise of the technique is to standardise the breathing pattern. Learning the Buteyko asthma breathing activities and exercises can bring about a noticeable reduction in symptoms, with more than 90% of participants coming off reliever medication inside of one week of beginning the course.

The Buteyko perspective is that asthma is not an illness, yet rather that it is an accumulation of different symptoms – mucous generation, aggravation of the coating of the aviation routes and bronchospasm. All are brought on by breathing over the typical physiological level of four to five litres for every minute. This over breathing or hyperventilation causes an irregularity of the gas levels in the lungs and the blood. Specifically we exhale lot of carbon dioxide.

The objective of the Buteyko Method is to instruct individuals to standardise their breathing pattern. At the point when breathing rates are settled and normal, the level of carbon dioxide inside of the body will be normal and the body works well. Allergies, asthma and hay fever diminish rapidly as  a result of the Buteyko Method that effectively regulates the breathing pattern.

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