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SLK Hypnotherapy, Mediation & Counselling

Servicing area: Servicing North Shore & Hills District

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Are you looking for a fast and long lasting result for phobias, anxiety, weight loss, smoking? SLK Hypnotherapy is affordable, goal driven, accredited and compassionate.

Hypnotherapy, Mediation & Counselling

"I highly recommend Sheryl, being a total novice to hypnotherapy I was quite sceptical at first but just one session with Sheryl made a huge difference and significantly improved my relationship with food.

Sheryl is very caring, tailors her sessions to your specific needs and follows up on the the progress". - Aliona

About SLK Hypnotherapy

  • Affordable 💰

  • Results driven ⏱

  • Compassionate 💙

  • Accredited 📖

Hi I'm Sheryl-Lee Kaye. I have been working as an accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, Social Worker, Family Mediator, Youth Justice Conference Convenor, Senior Alcohol Drug Worker and NLP Practitioner. My varied experience over ten years ensures you are able to achieve your goal as fast as possible.

Services offered:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Resource State therapy

  • Counselling

  • Relationship Mediation

  • Weight loss

  • Addictions

  • Phobias

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Private health rebates can be claimed for several health funds.

At SLK Hypnotherapy we offer you affordable Clinical Hypnotherapy which is complemented by Neuro Linguistic Programming, Resource State Therapy and Counselling. We offer a wholistic approach which means any underlying issues can be identified and dealt with in line with your goals. This new positive mind set is reinforced during hypnotherapy. You will receive self help techniques so you can maintain these positive changes after the session.


Our approach is caring and compassionate and clients report the following results:

"Sheryl has such an inviting and comforting nature, I felt relaxed the entire time. Straight after my first session I felt great and 3 weeks on I have not had any cravings/urges. I can not recommend Sheryl enough." - Lana

"I have had a phobia of cats, learned from my mother, since as long as I can remember. For a lot of my teenage and adult life, I have avoided cats and spent a good deal of time uncomfortable in places and locations that had lots of cats. As a mother myself now, a move to a new house with a friendly next door cat prompted me to do something about this phobia. I was ready to make a change and wanted to be free of the restriction and debilitation that this phobia had caused me. I met Sheryl through a recommendation and I am thrilled to say that thanks to her my life has changed for the better. Tailored techniques over our sessions gave me the tools and confidence to face and beat my phobia. Even I sometimes have to pinch myself that I have freely and confidently walked into an apartment with cat, had tea and cake with the cat at my feet. For me, it’s nothing short of a miracle! Sheryl is warm, kind, sympathetic and professional. Her joy at seeing my progress prompted me to keep going. It’s certainly not been an overnight fix, but I am thrilled with my progress and have no doubt that I will reach my goal to be completely indifferent to cats!" - Amanda

"Strong recommendation for this amazing woman! If you're feeling stressed she will most definitely help you overcome anything and everything- especially for those of you feeling the HSC pressure this year! give it a go :)" - Mikhayla

"Sheryl-lee is amazing, our session was very thorough and gave me all the tools I needed to quit smoking. It's now been 6 months and I can say that I rarely have the desire to smoke, and if I do I can easily ignore the feeling, which is incredible for me!" - Joan

"Before I saw Sheryl I had struggled with a phobia of vomiting. It controlled where I ate what I ate and where I went. At one point it was so bad I didn't want to leave the house. After just one session with Sheryl this has now disappeared greatly. It still affects me every now and then but this fear hardly ever crosses my mind these days :)" - Michelle

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many sessions will I need to benefit from a session?
I understand you want a quick and effective result. Clients often report a significant positive shift in behaviour just after one session. We identify underlying issues from the first session and focus on your goals. Hypnotherapy deals with the unconscious mind which is where our issues live. By accessing the unconscious and replacing it with a positive mind set results can be instant.

2. Can I claim from my private health fund?
You can claim from several health funds.

3. What does it feel like to be hypnotised?
You will feel deeply relaxed both mentally and physically.

4. How will you hypnotise me?
I use language that makes you feel relaxed both physically and mentally.

5. What if I fall asleep?
You shouldn't fall asleep during a hypnotherapy session. If you do I will wake you up!

6. What if I feel anxious about letting go of control?
My main concern is that you feel safe and in control. You are in control the whole session as suggestions I make are accepted by your unconscious mind when you are deeply relaxed.

7. How long are the sessions?
The first session is 1.5 hours. The sessions after that are one hour. All sessions are a week apart.

8. How much does the sessions cost?
$100 for the first 1.5 hour session
$90 for the 1 hour sessions

Qualification details

Clinical Hypnotherapist (Australian College of Hypnotherapy)
NLP ( Australian College of Hypnotherapy)
Social Worker (Australian Association of Social Workers)
Youth Justice Conference Convenor ( Juvenile Justice)
Family Mediation (Australian Institute of Mediators and Arbitrators)

Service categories

SLK Hypnotherapy, Mediation & Counselling