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Smile In Style

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Smile In Style is a Holistic dental practice that was founded in 1990 by Dr Terry Rose.

Smile In Style

He recognises that there is a link between oral health and general well being. As a result he is now a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and uses their protocol for the safe removal of amalgam fillings. We work closely with GP's Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Sleep Physicians and other Dental Specialists to provide your dental care.

Smile in Style offers a range of dental services for you and your family including:
  • Comprehensive Check Up and Examinations

  • Safe Amalgam Removal

  • Orthodontics

  • Hygiene Services

  • Children's Dentistry

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Biocompatible Implants

  • Biocompatible Crowns, Inlays, Onlays using CEREC technology

Smile in Style Dentists and Hygienists :

Dr Terry Rose completed a Bachelor of Science (1981) and Bachelor of Dental Surgery (1984) from the University of Otago in New Zealand. He is passionate about holistic dentistry and is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). Dr Rose understands the importance of performing safe amalgam removal for his patients, his staff and the environment. He is also aware of the links between oral health and general wellbeing and strives to educate his patients about this via the Smile In Style website and his blogs.

Dr Helen Luo graduated from the University of Otago in New Zealand. She has been with Smile In Style since 1998. Helen is interested in caring for children and has extensive experience using the dental laser for restorations and the CEREC Omnicam for inlays, onlays and crowns.

Dr Barbara O’Brien completed her Bachelor of Dental Science at the University of Sydney in 1979. She has been with Smile In Style since 1999. She enjoys spending time with her patients to determine their needs and uses diagnostic tools such as the Diagnodent to detect decay and then treat it using dental laser technology. She is proficient at using the CEREC Omnicam for larger restorations and crowns.

Dr Meenakshi Rajcoomar graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2004 and has been working with Smile In Style since 2011. She as a special interest straightening teeth using the Progressive Orthodontic System (POS) and Invisalign. She has completed the Oral Surgery course at the Royal Dental Hospital and performs most of the extractions in the practice at Smile In Style.

Dr Nimisha Bhatia achieved her post graduate qualifications in clinical dentistry in 2011 from Griffith University in Queensland. She joined Smile in Style in 2015 and enjoys all aspects of general dentistry in particular cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Ravi. Is the newest dentist to join the team at Smile In Style. He received his dental degree from the University of Melbourne in 2009. Dr. Ravi. has a wealth of experience in general dental care. He is especially interested in restorative and emergency dental care.

Renata Hemphill is a dental hygienist and completed her studies at Kings College, London in 2009. She joined the Smile in Style team in 2012. Renata understands that a patient’s overall health and wellness is directly impacted by the health of their mouth. She aims to educate and inform patients about the benefits of good oral health care and the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease. Renata believes patients’ health will improve when they understand how these conditions develop and how they can properly care for their teeth and gums.

Kathy Colton is a dental hygienist and completed her Oral Health education at the University of Melbourne. She joined the team at Smile in Style in 1998. Kathy understands the importance of providing dental education to her patients on the prevention of oral disease and the links between oral health and general wellbeing.

Stami Tsantes completed a Bachelor of Oral Health in 2007. She has been working at Smile In Style since 2013. She has recently obtained a certificate in Orofacial myology. Stami has a passion for holistic dentistry, where the whole body is taken into consideration; not just the teeth.

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Bachelor of Dental Science (Otago)

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