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Smiling Heart Yoga and Therapy Trish David

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Nurturing your holistic well-being.

Smiling Heart Yoga and Therapy Trish David

Perspectives on Well-Being

Sometimes, we don't know what helps relieve distress until we've experienced it; this includes tapping into our personal resources and seeking professional help when necessary. Clients are recommended to me, sometimes by friends, sometimes by their health professionals and I encourage you to use our work together in conjunction with your current medical and allied health practitioners. Issues can be addressed from different angles in order to reach a more reconciled, integrated state of being.

Together we can develop a personalized Yoga practice for you. Yoga therapy and counselling are similar in that part of their purpose is to give you the opportunity to connect better with yourself and Life by investigating, discovering and clarifying ways of living more resourcefully with improved functionality.

A Bit About Trish

I believe in the power of kindness, good humour and life long learning. I've been an educator and practising Yoga for over twenty years and teaching Yoga since 2007 on the Gold Coast. I'm registered with the International and Australasian Associations of Yoga Therapists, the Australian Counselling Association (M.A.C.A.Level 1), Yoga Australia and the Queensland College of Teachers. In 2013, I completed a Master of Education through Griffith University with research into work, stress, health and Yoga. I continue to study under the guidance of Dr. N. Chandrasekaran.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a self-empowering process, where the care-seeker, with the support of the Yoga therapist, implements a personalised and evolving Yoga practice, that not only addresses the issue on multiple levels, but also aims to alleviate suffering in a progressive, non-invasive and complementary manner. A typical Yoga therapy session involves on-going dialogue, observation and appropriate touch, which will enable me to select specific physical postures, breathing practices and relaxation techniques to address the particular priorities challenging you.

By addressing one level of our being human, we address all levels. In this way, we integrate fully - body, mind and spirit. Yoga Therapy Gold Coast for better health.

Workplace WellBeing Counselling

In a city like the Gold Coast, everyone needs some quiet time and a place to reflect - including in the workplace. Living and working in paradise, isn't always a holiday. My counselling work draws from Yoga Psychology and Acceptance and commitment therapy to address issues in a supportive and holistic manner. As a qualified workplace counsellor, having conducted action research into stress, recovery and meaning-focused coping, I seek to empower professionals with the tools needed to take charge of their well-being. I also facilitate staff Yoga classes, self-care presentations and support groups, as well as workplace one-on-one counselling.

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Qualification details

  • Grad.Cert.Yoga Therapy
  • Diploma Integral Yoga (2 Years I.Y.A.A.); Cert. IV Yoga in Education (600h)
  • Diploma Anatomy and Physiology
  • Dip. Counselling (Majors: Grief and Loss, Child Development and Parenting, Workplace Counselling)
  • ACT Training (incl. DNA-v for young people and parents)
  • M.B.C.T. 8 Week course
  • Certificate in Mental Health First Aid
  • Pre and Post-Natal Yoga (The Yoga Institute and Indra Mohan)
  • Radiant Child Children's Yoga Program
  • B.A.; Post-Grad.Dip.Ed.; Cert.T.E.S.O.L.; D.E.U.G. Law; C.A.P.E.S. (France)

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Smiling Heart Yoga and Therapy Trish David